Is shungite a rock or mineral?

Shungites are both a rock and a mineral. You may ask, how is this possible? I will answer you: yes, it’s incredible, but it can very well be, and that’s why.

shungite Question

First, we will define a rock, a mineral, and shungite as a rock or Mineral. Then, we will use all the information received to confirm my statement. So, we are getting started. Is shungite a mineral or a rock?

What is a rock?

A rock is a significant accumulation of one type of Mineral or various mineral groups united in the earth’s crust due to natural processes. Rocks can be soft, loose, medium, soft, and complex. The main distinguishing feature of a rock is a large area of occurrence in the earth’s surface. In addition, rocks are a mixture of various minerals. In other words, it has a heterogeneous structure. Here are some examples of rocks: Granite is a solid rock. Coal is a relatively hard rock. Chalk is a loose rock. And, of course, we will not forget to add shungites to this list as a rock.


What is a mineral?

A mineral is a natural formation formed in the earth’s bowels or surface. These solid bodies are the result of natural phenomena. The main feature of the Mineral and its distinguishing feature is its homogeneous structure. Minerals are part of rocks.

Thus, a rock is a mixture of minerals. For example, one of the most common minerals on earth is quartz. This Mineral is a part of many rocks. In addition, you can specify these minerals: feldspar, mica, diamond, amber, emerald, etc.

For example, a mixture of quartz minerals, feldspar, and mica form a rock – Granite.
Thus, we can draw the following conclusion based on this information. Minerals are solid formations of a homogeneous structure. Rocks are a mixture of minerals.


Absurdity or contradiction

Great, you and I are great! But many of our readers have already noticed the contradiction. Shungites are rocks and minerals. The author was so carried away by the story that he got confused about the definitions. This is probably absurd or an author’s mistake! I will ask you, my friend, not to rush to conclusions. After all, we have not yet defined our rock from Russia.

Shungite rock or Mineral

To define Russian rock, we use the publicly available source Wikipedia. Shungites is a Precambrian rock whose main chemical element is carbon. It has several varieties and can be different colors: black, gray, or brown. At first glance, this is a straightforward definition.

It clearly and unambiguously states that Russian shungite is a rock. But, I will ask you to pay attention to the fact that c60 rock from Russia has several varieties. This is also indicated in the definition. Indeed, Russian rock has several varieties, and this fact has been scientifically proven.

shungite rock with a pyrite and quartz
Russian raw shungite rock with pyrite and quartz, type 3

What are the varieties of c60 rock from Russia?

  1. The first type is silver type 1. The concept of elite silver mineral has become fixed in everyday speech. The carbon content is about 98-99 percent.
  2. The second type of Russian Mineral is gray in color and matte on the surface. It is also known as the Petrovsky mineral. Its carbon content is about 60%.
  3. The third type is black rock, similar to coal, which gets your hands dirty. It also has the name – classic. The carbon content is about 30%, and the remaining 70% comprises minerals such as Mica, Quartz, and Pyrite.


We take off our masks, gentlemen. Is shungite a rock or Mineral? The first type of Russian Mineral, which has a silver color and a carbon content of about 99%, is a mineral. On the contrary, black type 3 rock has only 30% carbon and many other minerals. In this regard, it is a rock. In addition, all three types form one large group called rock.

Now, we can answer the question: Is shungite a rock or a Mineral? It is both a mineral and a rock, but we must pay attention to the type of Mineral we are discussing.

I sincerely hope this article was informative and exciting for you. You have received a clear answer to your question: Is shungite a rock or Mineral?