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Is shungite a gemstone?

No, shungite is not a gemstone. Besides, this stone is not even semi-precious!
But this fact does not make shungite a useless and unnecessary stone. On the contrary, it is a fairly well-known and in-demand mineral (rock) on the market. In this article, you will learn why shungite is not a precious stone, but it is still valuable. And also, relatively, an expensive stone.

shungite geamstone
shungite and geamstone
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Shungite rocks

shungite rock mineral from Karelia

Shungite rocks is a scientific definition

Shungite is a rare mineral containing fullerenes, the carbonaceous substance of shungite is neither graphite nor coal. The main unit of the supramolecular structure of the carbonaceous substance of shungite rocks is a globule – a fullerene-like formation of the order of 10 nm in size. Which is a 3-dimensional closed shell, and in General, consists of fragments of such shells or smoothly curved packages of carbon layers covering a nanoscale pore.

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