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Shungite rocks

shungite rock mineral from Karelia

Shungite rocks is a scientific definition

Shungite is fullerene, not graphite, carbonaceous matter. The main unit of the supramolecular structure of the carbonaceous substance of shungite rocks is a globule – a fullerene-like formation of the order of 10 nm in size. Which is a 3-dimensional closed shell, and in General, consists of fragments of such shells or smoothly curved packages of carbon layers covering a nanoscale pore.

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Answers to the most popular questions about Shungite

shungite mineral

What shungite mineral means?

It’s a rare stone, which is the object of world scientific research. Indeed, the special structure of shungite carbon conceals many secrets. Literally speaking, it is a rock. This is one of the rarest minerals on earth because there is only one place on our planet where it can be mined.

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