Shungite glassful

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The shungite glassful are made of 100% real shungite stone. The inner surface of shungite mug is unpolished. The outer surface is polished. 

The dimension of shungite mug: height ~ 8 cm/3,15″, diameter ~ 7 cm/2,76″, weight: ~330-360 gr/0,73-0,79 lbs. Holds ~200-220 mm of water.


We make a shungite glassful by hand from a solid shungite stone. Initially, the shungite mug is unpolished. We then polish the outside of the glass to create a pleasant shine. Due to the unique pattern of natural black stone, each shungite mug has a unique pattern. Next, please pay attention to the gently rounded edges of the glass and its bottom. This is a very laborious work with shungite stone, which you will not find anywhere else.
A truly unique shungite glassful made by hand to the highest standards. Therefore, it will be a wonderful gift for a loved one, as well as a unique accessory in your kitchen.

Additional information

Weight0.9 lbs
Dimensions3.15 × 2.76 × 2.76 in

1 review for Shungite glassful

  1. Lai Shia Tsao

    I love the Shungite glass very much. It so elegance and nice to hold. The most important feature is the water taste nicer… 🙂

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