Shungite amulet “Awen”


The diameter of the shungite amulet Awen is ~ 35 mm/1,38”. The thickness of the pendant is ~ 4-6 mm /0,16-0,24”
Each amulets has a Polished on both sides and edges.


Engraved on a shungite pendant, the Awen sign is a symbol of the inspiration of the Druids. The three points depicted on the shungite amulet and the three rays of light emanating from them indicate the threefold path. Shungite necklace Awen, depending on the needs of a person, will help the owner to walk his spiritual path with dignity, to find his muse in art and to understand the truth. Let the inspiration never leave you with the shungite amulet Awen.

Additional information

Weight0.024 lbs
Dimensions1.38 × 1.38 × 0.20 in