Shungite amulet “Black Sun”


The diameter of the shungite amulet Black Sun is ~ 35 mm/1,38”. The thickness of the pendant is ~ 4-6 mm /0,16-0,24”
Each amulets has a Polished on both sides and edges.


The earliest mention (19th century) in the literature about the Black Sun symbol belongs to the writer and philosopher Elena Blavatsky, born in the Russian Empire, who called the black sun the instinct center of the universe and the starting point of our reality, based on the secret teachings of the northern peoples. Later, German occultists began to write about the Black Sun in the early 20th century, later this symbol was adapted for German ideas and was mentioned in the literature of the corresponding direction.
According to Slavic myths, the sign of the sun consists of 12 rays, which symbolize the invisible threads of sacred and spiritual connection with the ancestors. A generational bond is a rolling wheel that continuously moves from one era to another.
Shungite pendant the black sun is a powerful symbol of the beginning of the race. Pendant of natural stone black sun to touch the source of strength in your soul, to feel previously inaccessible opportunities.
Pendant The black sun from shungite stone can be used for protective purposes, and at all times, in any situation. Ancestors will come to help, you can count on their support.

Additional information

Dimensions1.38 × 1.38 × 0.20 in