Large Noble Elite Shungite stones 30-40 gr/0.066-0.088 Lb set of 5 pcs

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The weight of each elite shungite nuggets is about 30-40g/0.066-0.088 Lb. Each specimen is unique and only one in nature. The set will contain of 5 nuggets of Large Noble Elite Shungite stones. The total weight of a set of shungite stones is 150-200 grams (0,33 lbs-0,44 lbs). The sizes and shapes of stones are always different, but approximately in the region of 50-70 mm (1,97″-3,15″).

This elite shungite Stones shown are for illustration as these are natural items please expect some variance from stone to stone. Stones supplied will be very similar but not identical. Posted pictures of elite shungite stones are to provide an idea of the typical mix of sizes and shapes available.


The large noble elite shungite stones with a with the highest content of unique shungite carbon were born in Karelia. Our shungite company is also from this Russian region. We supply only real shungite nuggets only from Karelia, from the Shunga deposit.

What is elite shungite stones?

Elite shungite from Karelia is the rarest mineral. According to scientists, elite shungite is over 2 billion years old. This mineral consists almost entirely of a very special type of amorphous carbon up to 98%. No carbon-bearing mineral has this type of structure. Perhaps that is why molecules of fullerenes c60 and c70 were found in shungite.
In turn, fullerenes are the strongest antioxidants on Earth, and they are used in medicine. You can find more different nuggets of the rare minerals in this section of our website.

In addition, the unique composition of shungite is of scientific interest in the field of protection against dangerous waves of high-frequency radiation. After all, scientists have found out that shungite helps to fight harmful EMF radiation. Also, real shungite has amazing antiseptic properties, which are revealed in water.

Where is the deposit of this rare mineral?

This unique shungite deposit contains mainly large deposits of type II shungite stones. However, among it came across very shiny veins of elite shungite of the first type, which we are talking about here. In turn, this elite shungite differed greatly from the host rocks in its brilliance.

The study of the deposit was started in the Russian Empire in the 1830s of the 19th century. Since then, interest in this area has periodically arisen. The fact is that geologists expected to use this mineral instead of coal.
But shungite was not destined to become coal for the interests of Peter the Great, and then the Land of the Soviets. Since repeated tests of shungite of the second type, which was located at this deposit in large quantities, did not lead to success.

Why is this mineral so rare?

The fact is that, the total content of elite shungite of the first variety in this deposit is about 0.2%. These figures were obtained by geologists as early as 1933. And since then, the number of brilliant veins of elite shungite has come to naught.

Therefore, it is currently not possible to find unique veinlets with elite shungite at the deposit. In this regard, large specimens are a real find. In addition, this deposit has been officially mothballed since the 90s of the 20th century and there is no access to it.

Natural nuggets of elite shungite

Elite noble shungite nuggets in our store are unique specimen of which is no longer in nature. All these samples has a natural shape and has not been subject to any processing. Each piece had been mined by hand. Please note, some pieces  may contain small veins of rust inclusions (pyrite and quartz). These are natural inclusions of the genuine minerals.
The traces of other minerals that have oxidized under the influence of oxygen and water. These rust marks can be removed with a hard brush. Some inclusions go deep into the mineral and are difficult to clean. This shungite mineral is electrically conductive. Shungite elite freely conducts electric current while the resistance force tends to zero.

Only authentic samples in our store

All of these rare specimens of noble elite shungite stones is unique in the world and has no repetitions.

Currently, there are a huge number of fakes of Elite shungite. We have been repeatedly told about this by our customers. In addition, in today’s world with modern technology it has become much easier to do. For example, in recent years, cases have become more frequent when they try to pass off shiny anthracite coal as elite shungite. There are also cases when sellers invent non-existent deposits of elite shungite.

  • All samples of the stone in our store are provided with a guarantee of authenticity.
  • You will receive it from us directly from Karelia from the place of extraction.
  • We are not intermediaries and collect each piece personally. Please note that elite shungite nuggets can not be cheaper than in the place where it is extracted.

Additional information

Weight0.55 lbs
Dimensions7.5 × 4.72 × 3.94 in





Black, Gray


Elite shungite


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