Elite Shungite stones 1-3g/0.002-0.007Lb

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One sample of natural stone of elite shungite of random form. The weight of the stone is approximately 1-3 grams (0,0022-0,0066 lbs), the length is 1-2 cm (0,39-0,79 inches). Dimensions and weight may vary slightly. The price is for 1 stone.


Elite Shungite Water Purification

If we consider the elite shungite for water purification, it is probably we not quite correctly represent the properties of this unique mineral. The fact is that in Karelia there are two main types of this rare stone. This is a classic shungite and so – called-elite or in other words noble shungite.

This mineral has a silver color and 98% consists of a unique form of carbon. Black classic shungite only 30% consists of this chemical element.

It is the black type of this mineral that has become the object of scientific research all over the world. As a result of researches it was established that classical shungite of black color possesses sorption properties. In addition, antibacterial abilities were revealed. As a result, it was officially recommended as a material for use in water supply systems.

Elite shungite for water purification is not used because it does not have sorption properties. But this kind of mineral contains a great number of unique forms of carbon complete with gidratirovannykh forms of fullerenes. This is one of the strongest natural forms of antioxidant that helps protect the human body and animals from external negative factors. Read more about it in our article shungite properties.

How to make Elite Shungite Water

Elite shungite water is a solution of hydrated fullerene molecules. To obtain this solution, it is necessary to add this mineral, preferably in a glass container with water. It is usually recommended about 50 grams of this rare mineral for 1 liter of water. After 12 hours such water becomes enriched.

There is no difference in what size pieces you use for elite noble shungite water. The smaller the size of the stones and the greater their number, the greater the contact area. As a result, the process of water enrichment is faster. Pieces of this mineral do not dissolve in water, but it is recommended to use them no more than 6-12 months.

In our online store various samples of this rare mineral are presented. Each sample has a natural shape and has not been subjected to any processing. We guarantee you the authenticity of each piece of stone in our shungite store.

Rare unique mineral

Elite shungite is one of the rarest minerals on earth. This mineral contains C60 fullerenes in its chemical composition. It is a 98% carbon of unique form that is found nowhere else in nature. Learn more about this rare mineral here. You can find more different pieces in this section of our website.

In addition, elite noble shungite it’s the only natural mineral in which fullerene C60 have been foundcontains. Fullerene in shungite has a hydrated form. As a result, that allows them to dissolve in water and saturate such water with fullerene.

This shungite has a smooth surface similar to glass, it has a dark gray color in contrast to the classic Shungite which has a black color and is similar to coal.

Currently, the only Deposit of this amazing mineral is completely exhausted. Each piece is assembled by hand, and the cost of such shungite is calculated for 1 gram. Large pieces can also be used to make elite noble shungite water. Also, specimens of this size are of great importance to collectors because they are extremely rare specimens.

Guarantee of authenticity

  • Above all, there are currently many fakes which are produced under the guise of this rare mineral. We are not intermediaries or Resellers. Firstly, we live only two hours away from this Karelian Deposit. Secondly we personally extract each piece. We guarantee you that you will receive from us only genuine elite shungite.
  • Please note, that genuine elite shungite may have small rust inclusions, this is natural for it. This rust can be removed with a hard brush and running water. If you see this rare mineral with a lot of rust or shungite which has a brown color, it is a fake or shungite of very low quality. You can be sure that you will receive from us only genuine rare mineral for elite noble shungite water of the highest quality as in our photos.

Additional information

Weight0.007 lbs
Dimensions0.79 × 0.39 × 0.2 in





Black, Gray


Elite shungite

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  1. Adam Davila

    Excellent quality, there is some pyrite on one of the stones but I quickly removed it with a brush. I measured the resistance with a multimeter. This is a authentic shungite.

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