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You get exactly the sample real shungite stone from Russia of 1 type that you see in the photo.

This sample has a natural crack along the edge, it is located near the edge. Therefore, it is possible that part of the sample may move away from the main stone along this crack. Please pay attention to this. In case this happens, this nugget will not become much smaller.

Please note that the size and weight of each sample of raw elite shungite stone is approximate and may vary slightly.

Dimensions: ~5,5 x 3,5 x 2,3 cm / 2,17 x 1,18 x 0,91 inches; Weight ~76 g/0,168 Lb

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Where was the real elite shungite born?

A real shungite from Russia is a stone born only in Karelia (a region in Russia). This rare ancient stone is called shungite, but only the mineral shungite from Karelia can bear this name. There are several types of shungite in the Russian region of Karelia. All of them differ from each other primarily in the amount of carbon, as well as in chemical composition.

The most famous type of shungite from Karelia is recognized as elite shungite or noble shungite. This name was given to shungite among people who identified the special qualities of this particular type of shungite. In the scientific community, elite shungite is called shungite of the first type. Also in Karelia there are shungites of the second, third and other types.
More information can be found  about the classification of shungites in our article.

What color is the real elite shungite from Russia?

Real shungite from Russia (Karelia) type of 1 has a black color. You will say that this is not the case. After all, a real elite shungite stone has a silver color. In this case, you will be right and wrong at the same time. In the scientific environment, the color of this shungite of the first type is black.
But, geologists add that the color of such shungite is black with a sheen. This luster is usually a strong metallic or diamond. Therefore, when you look at elite shungite under illumination, light is reflected from it. As a result, it also looks silver to your eye.

How to distinguish elite shungite from black shungite?

In order to distinguish outwardly elite shungite, for example, from shungite of the third type, it is enough to look at the color and luster of the mineral. First of all, you will notice that elite shungite shines brightly, unlike black shungite of the third type.

Also, shungite of the third type has no gloss, it is matte. However, we produce shungite products from shungite of the third type and can polish them. In this case our shungite products will have a shine. But this brilliance is not comparable to the brilliance of elite shungite. And, for example, polished shungite sphere will have a rich deep black color with a bright black shiny surface.
Their black luster will have nothing to do with the metallic luster of raw elite shungite.

Are there elite shungite spheres and pyramids?

Why do we compare the most popular type of type 3 shungite from the Zazhoginsky deposit with the rarest elite shungite from the Shunga deposit.
We also do this in order to protect people from buying shungite fakes. Since there are cases that products made of black shungite of the third type (spheres, pyramids, beads, etc.) were issued for products made of elite shungite based on the black luster of the product.

Please note that it is impossible to make any product of geometric shape from elite shungite. This is impossible due to the fragility of elite shungite, its inaccessibility and the absence of large nuggets. Therefore, there are no elite shungite balls, beads, pyramids and other products. After all, only pendants can be made from elite shungite, by drilling holes.

Advantages of authentic shungite stone.

  • Initially, the Karelian real elite stone shungite became known due to the fact that unique fullerene molecules were found in it. This was a sensational discovery, since the molecules of fullerenes c60 and c70 in their natural form inside shungite were discovered for the first time on planet Earth.
  • A authentic elite shungite stone conducts electricity, that is, it is a semiconductor. Due to this, as well as its unique physicochemical composition, real shungite is able to absorb and reflect harmful EMF waves.
  • Also, our shop hails from Karelia guarantees the authenticity of our elite shungite nuggets with the help of geological studies of chemical composition and certificates of authenticity.

Features of the appearance of the original elite shungite stone.

Elite stone shungite consists almost entirely of a special form of amorphous carbon. At the same time, over time and in the process of formation, minerals such as quartz and pyrite were added to the elite shungite. The mineral quartz can fill cracks in shungite together with pyrite.

Also on the surface of the mineral shungite there may be traces of pyrite oxides in the form of yellow and orange plaque, it may look like rust. In addition, minor traces of other chemical elements may be present on the surface of the mineral shungite. Which in turn manifest themselves in the form of multicolored oxides.

Real elite shungite in large nuggets usually has microcracks, they may be barely noticeable or more noticeable. This is due to the specifics of the elite mineral shungite with the highest carbon content up to 98%. However, they do not affect the integrity of the mineral, which does not negate its certain fragility. Therefore, shungite samples should be handled carefully. Do not allow it to fall or hit hard, so that the sample does not split.

Also, elite shungite may have some inclusions of the second type of shungite, since the veins of elite shungite usually fit into the thickness of this rock. Usually inclusions of the second type of shungite have a more matte and less shiny color.

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