Shungite set stemware Flower of Life

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The shungite cups set of six pieces. Capacity of the shungite cup with engraved “Flower of Life” : ~30ml/1,01 Oz. Shungite drinking cup height approx. 5 cm/1,97”, outer diameter approx. 4 cm/1,57”. The weight of the shungite stack is 100-130 grams/0,22-0,29 lbs.

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The shungite drinking water cups in our store are made of 100% real shungite stone. Each shungite cup Flower of Life is made of a single whole piece of Shungite stone. The inner surface of shungite drinking water cups is unpolished. The outer surface shungite shotglass is polished.

shungite drinking water cups

We make a shungite drinking water cups by hand from a solid shungite stone. Initially, the shungite mug is unpolished. We then polish the outside of the shungite stack to create a pleasant shine. Due to the unique pattern of natural black stone, each shungite mug has a unique pattern. This is a very laborious work with shungite stone, which you will not find anywhere else.
A truly unique shungite cup made by hand to the highest standards. Therefore, it will be a wonderful gift for a loved one, as well as a unusual accessory in your kitchen for shungite charged water.

Engraving symbol Flower of Life on a shungite stone

We are engraving the Flower of Life symbol on a shungite drinking water cups. Note that whitish streaks or marks may appear in the pattern. This is due to the fact that real shungite from Karelia contains the mineral quartz. In turn, it gives white color in the drawing on a shungite cup Flower of Life. We tried to show you, as an example, some photos of the Flower of Life drawings on shungite spheres.

Shungite stone  for making a shungite drinking water cups

In the course of world research it was found that Shungite from the Republic of Karelia, has amazing abilities. Firstly, it’s able to neutralize electromagnetic waves of high frequency. Secondly, have ability sorption properties and mineralization. It also has bactericidal properties. Shungite for water have become possible due to the porous structure of the stone and unique of carbon C60. Such a carbon is called Fullerenes. Please note that only genuine Shungite from the Republic of Karelia has such abilities, Shungite from other regions is useless or is a fake of this amazing and rare mineral. The composition of genuine shungite includes two main minerals: Pyrite and Quartz. Therefore, you will see corresponding whitish and golden veins on the surface of shungite drinking water cups. Pyrite, in long-term contact with the same water can give a small rust.

We make shungite utensils from shungite stone without using any extraneous components. We use completely natural and solid shungite stone from which the shungite mug is cut. Therefore, shungite dishes are absolutely safe and environmentally friendly. Such a shungite drinking water cup will become not just a dish for receiving shungite charged water, but a real center of attraction in your kitchen.

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Weight1.77 lbs
Dimensions1.97 × 1.57 × 1.57 in


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