Shungite plate Flower of Life at sunrise

The size of square shungite tile Flower of Life ~100 x100 mm/3.94″ x 3.94″, thickness ~ 7 mm/0.28″. The pattern is applied by engraving. If you would like to have your personal drawing on this shungite square plate, please contact us.

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Shungite tile Flower of Life for protection.

As you know, we are used to comfort. First of all, these are electrical appliances. After all, they simplify our life and save time. However, most likely you have already thought about the fact that there are too many devices. As a result, hundreds of different EMF waves penetrate us every second. Yes, their intensity is not high enough to directly harm the cells of the body. However, with prolonged exposure of the body to EMF radiation, which also includes 5G radiation, not only thermal consequences arise. Typically, this can have an adverse effect on the cells of the body. But there is a way to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic fields using shungite tile Flower of Life to protect against EMF and from 5g for home.

Protection against EMF and 5g with shungite stone plate.

The fact is, shungite is an ancient and rare mineral, it has unique properties. At the same time, its shungite deposits are located only in one place in the world – in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. And scientific research of the emf of shungite shielding properties, carried out by scientists from all over the world, gave one result. Firstly, shungite is recognized as a mineral with a unique ability to neutralize waves emitted by various electronics and devices. Secondly, this mineral is recognized as one of the most effective natural materials in the field of protection against EMF.

The sign of Flower of Life on the shungite tile.

This unique and mysterious symbol is found in almost every religion. The image of the Flower of Life can be found in ancient temples in Egypt, China, Greece, Ireland and other countries. It symbolizes the infinity of the universe, which arose from emptiness at the will of the Creator. In our world, it is represented by the eternal cycle of life in nature. After all, when flowers appear on a tree, they turn into fruits, which ripen and are filled with fertile seeds, and new trees will appear from them. Therefore, the flower of life is a kind of explanation of the very creation of the universe, showing its laws.

It is surprising that the symbol itself is divided into seven circles, each of which has its own sacred meaning. After all, all the elements are proportionally related to each other and as a whole represent an ideal geometric shape. Thus, its structure combines the laws of physics, mathematics, geometry and the secrets of spiritual talismans and ancient runic signs.

How we make shungite square tile.

We produce shungite emf tile from solid shungite stone. Next, we polish the plate on a one side, while the edges of the tile are not polished, but they are smooth to the touch. On the surface of the shungite plate, there may be traces of natural mineral inclusions of shungite, which give a special appearance to the stone. These include quartz and pyrite. Pyrite will appear as golden or yellowish specks or veins. At the same time, on the surface of a shungite product there may be some areas in the form of small pits or holes, as well as grooves in the form of holes. All these are traces of pyrite in shungite.

The engraving on a shungite plate of image.

Each magical shungite emf tile will have a unique pattern. After all, the mineral companions of shungite give the black surface of this stone a unique inimitable pattern. In this case, the greatest contribution is made by quartz, which is white. But on a polished shungite surface, quartz looks like translucent or whitish veins. However, when we engrave shungite, white quartz inclusions can show through in the picture and you will see them.

Additional information

Weight0.40 lbs
Dimensions3.94 × 3.94 × 0.27 in
Size of image

70 mm/2.76 inch, 80 mm/3.15 inch, 90 mm/3.54 inch, 100 mm/3.94 inch


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