Big Shungite Set for EMF Protection and Home – 16 shungite items

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This shungite EMF Protection set includes 16 of the most specialized products from natural shungite stone. For more information you can find below in the section – description of the product.

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In this Big shungite EMF protection set, we have combined plates and tiles for household appliances and electronics of your home. After all, all these household appliances that we are used to using in everyday life are sources of EMF. As a result of scientific research of shungite stone, its EMF protective properties were proved.
And also we included a many shungite pyramids of Giza – 5 pieces with a base size of about 4-8 centimeters (1,57-3,15 inches). We have added many shungite pendants of different geometric shapes for the whole family.

What does this Big shungite set for EMF Protection include?

  1. Shungite high pyramid with a base size of 5 cm/1.97 inches, unpolished. The height of the pyramid is approximately 8-10 centimeters / 3.15-3.97 inches — 1 piece.
  2. Shungite pyramid multi-faceted with a base size of 5 cm/1.97 inches, polished. The height of the pyramid is approximately 8-10 centimeters / 3.15-3.97 inches — 1 piece. They differ from the classic ones that have an unusual elongated shape and 8 faces. This form is not accidental. “The” eight ” as one of the numbers of the numerological core is an indicator of the dominant beginning, practicality, materialism and indestructible self – confidence.
  3. Shungite spheres polished surface with a diameter of 3.5 cm/1.38 inches — 3 pieces.
  4. Shungite polished tile Pentagram with a face size measures 8 cm / 3.15 inches,  thickness 0.8 cm/0.3 inches — 1 piece. You can use it as a stand for your laptop. In addition, you can place this shungite plate on top of any EMF source. More shungite tiles of this size can be found in our store in this section.
  5. The polished shungite pyramids of Giza with size of base about 5 centimeters / 1.97 inches and 4 cm/1.57 inches — 2 piece. Please note that due to the manual nature of production, the size of the base of the pyramid may differ by 0.5 centimeters/0,2 inches up or down.
  6. Big shungite pyramid of Giza with size of base about 8 centimeters / 3.15 inches — 1 piece.
  7. And a large set of shungite pendants for the whole family in different styles — 4 pieces. The set of various shungite stone pendants  – round shape, free shape, and one unique engraved necklace Tree of Life with authentic quartz veins. This pendants has a size of about 3-3.5 centimeters / 1.18-1.38 inches. The pendants rope is made of waxed cotton natural material or polyester snake rope.
  8. Sphere stand square form size of 5 cm/1.97 inches — 1 piece.
  9. Square stand for pyramids size of 7 cm/2.76 inches — 2 piece.

A little about shungite pyramids

The surface of shungite pyramids can be different – polished or not polished. The polished surface has a more intense black color. And on the unpolished surface of the shungite pyramid, you can better see the natural pattern of shungite.

After all, natural shungite contains minerals such as quartz and pyrite. Therefore, due to the fault of these minerals, stripes and specks of gold and white color are found on the surface of shungite products.

As a result, we can see original and intricate patterns on the ancient shungite stone.In the photographs, we tried to show some variety of many shungite pyramids. After all, they can be very different in their pattern. Somewhere on the pyramid there are fewer quartz or pyrite veins or more. Therefore, the pattern on the many shungite pyramid will always be different. You can look at our range of many shungite pyramids in this section.

As a result you get twelve different products from real authentic shungite stone in one shungite set. In addition, more variations of shungite kits you can be found in this section of our shungite store.

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