Classic Shungite stones for water 20 lbs / 9 kg

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Shungite stones for water  in the big package. Total weight 20 Lbs / 9kgs. See, this is what Real Shungite for water looks like. Size of Shungite stones from 4mm/0.16″ to 30mm/1.18″


In the course of world research it was found that Shungite from the Republic of Karelia, has amazing abilities. Firstly, it’s able to neutralize electromagnetic waves of high frequency. Secondly, have ability sorption properties and mineralization. It also has bactericidal properties. Shungite for water have become possible due to the porous structure of the stone and unique of carbon C60. Such a carbon is called Fullerenes. Please note that only genuine Shungite from the Republic of Karelia has such abilities, Shungite from other regions is useless or is a fake of this amazing and rare mineral. The composition of genuine shungite includes two main minerals: Pyrite and Quartz. Pyrite, in long-term contact with the same water can give a small rust.

Shungite water stones instructions:

Please note that Shungite stone is not a medical drug, therefore it has no official registered instructions for use. All information provided is descriptive of other people’s experiences.

It is recommended to change the water every two days. If the stones have been in contact with one water for more than three days, such water is suitable only for external use. It is recommended to change Shungite stones for new ones at least once a month, because this mineral has a porous surface and is able to accumulate impurities from water. Please note, there is no need to clean each stone simply rinse all stones under running water. It is recommended to use 80 grams/2.82oz of stones per liter of water (33,8 oz). It is desirable that the vessel for water infusion was made of glass. You can drain Shungite water once a day and add the right amount of new water to the same vessel.

Please note that the studies on shungite stones for water were carried out on the water from the water supply system in Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Republic of Karelia. It is not recommended to use water the safety of which you’re not sure. We also have the elite shungite stones for sale. This type of rare Karelian rock differs from Petrovsky shungite stone, which is most often used for collecting.

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Weight22 lbs
Dimensions12.6 × 8.66 × 7.87 in





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