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This shungite set includes 7 of the most popular products from natural shungite stone. For more information you can find below in the section – description of the product.


We have created this shungite set optimal based on the preferences of the majority of our customers. In addition, we took into account the wishes of our customers about what Russian shungite stone products they would like to see in your personal set.

Attention, we have increased the weight load for this set. From 04/25/22, this bundle will now contain more Elite Stones and Powder. We doubled the powder, now it is not 45 grams, but 90 grams. Elite shungite stones type 1 are now not 30, but 50 grams. The size of the stones is approximately 1-10 mm.

What does this shungite set Optimal include?

  1. Classic black stone type 3 (package weight about 80 grams / 2.82 oz) for water purification and disinfection. The black stones has a porous surface and like a sponge absorbs harmful impurities from water. This type 3 stones is recommended for centralized water purification sytems.
  2. Silver stone type 1  (package weight about 50 grams / 1.76 oz / 0.11 lbs is an extremely rare type of mineral. Silver – Gray color and 98% carbon against 30% of its main difference from the classic black stone. This mineral has the ability to mineralize water and saturate it with the hydrated form of C60 fullerenes. It is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature.
  3. Pyramid, base size about 4 centimeters / 1.6 inches. This is the optimal size of the pyramid (not very large but not small). The pyramids are placed near EMF sources for EMF protection.
  4. Round plate (sticker) for your phone. The size is about 3 centimeters / 1.18 inches. Just remove the protective layer and glue the plate in the right place. This can be the back cover of your phone, modem, laptop, or any other small EMF source.
  5. The engraved black stone pendant with a symbol – the Tree of Life. This pendant has a size of about 3 centimeters / 1.18 inches and a textured engraved pattern on one side. This drawing will not be erased over time. The pendant rope is made of waxed cotton natural natural material.
  6. Necklace – triangle in the amount of one piece is also included in this shungite set Optimal. The shape of a triangle size of about 3 centimeters, will make a variety of forms and another energy black stone. You can wear this up depending on your mood or preference for the round shape of the pendant.
  7. Powder made of crushed sotnes type 3. The package weight about 90 grams / 3.17 oz / 0,2 lbs. First of all, our powder, like all our products, is made only from natural Russian stones type 3. Secondly, it does not contain any impurities. This black Russian powder c60 can be mixed with olive oil, as well as with water.

As a result you get seven different products from real authentic Russian stone in one box. In addition, more variations of these kits you can be found in this section of our c60 shop. We also offer a shungite set emf protection.

Additional information

Weight1.06 lbs
Dimensions5.11 × 5.11 × 2.76 in



Shungite stone



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  1. Dubh

    I received my order in 28 days in Ireland. The box contained 7 different items as described. All products are well packed. The sender’s address is from Russia, Karelia. Happy with the purchase.

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