Shungite Merkaba Meditation – Unpolished

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This Shungite merkaba meditation has unpolished surface. Each product is the result of handmade. All Merkabas are cut from a single piece of the Russian stone. The size is about 4-4.5 cm / 1.57-1.77 inches. The Weight is about 100 grams / 0.22 lb.


Shungite Merkaba meditation made of Black Rare Stone

This shungite merkaba meditation is made from a single piece of rare natural Russian black c60 stone. This black stone is one of the rarest and most amazing minerals on earth. Shungite merkaba meditation has the ability to absorb and emf protection. In addition, it helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena. We make merkaba with polished or not polished (unpolished) surface.

In turn, they are slightly different, one is shiny, and the second is matte with a natural pattern of the Russian stone. Please note that real c60 stone from Russia contains such minerals as quartz and pyrite (white and gold mineral). If we polish the merkaba, it becomes black and shiny.
And the veins of quartz and pyrite will be less visible. On unpolished shungite merkaba meditation, you will see more of the original stone pattern, and it will feel smooth to the touch.

  • We provide fairly fast shipping from our US transit warehouse for your convenience.
  • Shungite Merkaba meditation has a natural unpolished surface. Thanks to this, you can see the entire natural texture of the Russian stone. Also our merkaba benefits consist in the large size of this amazing product, it is 4-4.5 cm or 1.57-1.77 inches.
  • We also present small size of merkaba in the form of a pendant in our online c60 store, which are made from a single piece of real black stone from Russia.
  • We make shungite Merkaba meditation with polished surface by hand from natural black stone of the Zazhoginsky deposit.
  • We give guarantees of the authenticity of our products, which we made in Karelia.
  • We pack our products with high quality so that you receive them safe and sound.

Shungite Merkaba Meditation: meaning and properties

We cut shungite merkaba meditation manually from solid raw stone. In turn, we get not just rare stone products, but even mystical objects …

A very important place in the understanding of the mechanics of the universe is occupied by the concept of “MERKABA”.
If you understand the purpose and principle of operation of this concept, a person becomes really invulnerable.

Shungite Merkaba meditation as a mechanism for realizing the principle of creation is priceless for anyone who thinks about their place in this mysterious world…

The outstanding modern mystic Drunvalo Melchizedek writes about “Mer-Ka-BA” that this concept has the same meaning in different languages. In the Zulu language, it is pronounced the same as in English. The Zulu spiritual leader, Credo Mutwa, says that his people came here from outer space on Mer-Ka-BA.

Egyptian and Hebrew meaning

– Hebrew language (Hebrew), this word sounds like Mer-Ka-Wah and has two meanings: the throne of the Lord and the chariot-a means for moving the human body and spirit from one place to another.
“In ancient Egyptian, the word MerKaBA is made up of three words. In ancient cultures, this word is found in various variants: merkabah, merkaba, merkavah.

– “Mer” means a special kind of light that was only understood in Egypt during the Eighteenth Dynasty. It was viewed as two fields of light that spindled in opposite directions in the same space. But two streams of light rays rotating in the opposite direction (in the opposite phase) create waves of self-preservation.

– “KA” refers to the individual spirit (individual human spirit) – (L-tetrahedron),
– “BA” is the “interpretation of Reality” associated with the human body (D-tetrahedron).

Then “Ka-BA” together forms a stellar tetrahedron. Combining these three syllables into a single word, we will come to the realization that Mer-Ka-BA is a rotating field of light in opposite directions, which simultaneously affects the spirit and the body, forms a self-sufficient stellar tetrahedron, which is a vehicle for the simultaneous transfer of spirit and body from one dimension to another.
Therefore, MerKaBA is the main engine of the UFO, which transports the ship from one dimension to another.

Mer-KA-BA, reflects the essence of the Unified Law. In MerKaBA, there is a Central axis of symmetry and two parallel triads. Moreover, the triads are shifted in phase relative to each other.

Shungite merkaba meditation: Energy flow

Shungite merkaba meditation are Mer-Ka-BA reveals the meaning of the most ancient mystery, because it describes the processes of generation of “spiritual particles”, the processes of materialization-dematerialization, the unity of matter and spirit. These tetrahedra contain two streams of energy with opposite “spins”.

In one tetrahedron, energy flows go from the base of the pyramid to its top, in another, on the contrary, from the top to the base. Then connecting these two tetrahedra so that their energy “spins” are connected in series, we get a bi-pyramid that reveals the mechanism of energy functioning of Mer-Ka-BA.

This mechanism of shungite merkaba meditation fully corresponds to the coupling mechanism of two tetrahedra into a single stellar tetrahedron. Thus we see again how the mysticism of the physics of spirit merges with the reality of the physics of matter. Energy flows in these pyramids can form energy “vortices” and “funnels”, compress space-time, or stretch it.

This is the mechanism of formation of “vortices” and” funnels “of double helices “Vesica Piscis”. Maybe shungite merkaba meditation will help scientists to understand more deeply the nature of the origin of electromagnetic field lines of force?

Shungite Merkaba Meditation

If a person reaches the appropriate level of spiritual perfection, then Mer-Ka-BA can serve as a vehicle that can access the memory of his past lives, because in this state, a person connects with his higher Self.

But the achievement of such a state can only be realized by using the algorithm for generating States of the MerKaBA hexad, which describes the sequence of stages of achieving such a state as a result of the corresponding meditation. And to “start” the energy transport mechanism, it is necessary that the entrance and exit to MerKaBA are open.

Other interpretations of Merkaba meaning

Shungite merkaba meditation are Mer-Ka-BA can also be interpreted from the perspective of the concept of triplicity. It can be represented as a double triad (hexad). One of which will represent our world, the other-the world through the looking glass.
Then, the transportation of the body and spirit, using the body of light, can be represented as a parallel connection of opposite triads: light, spirit, astral body + darkness, soul, physical body.

This hexad represents the meaning of the most ancient secret that MerKaBA hid from people, for it describes the processes of generation of “spiritual particles”, the processes of materialization-dematerialization, the unity of matter and spirit. This hexad describes only the very first level of generation of “spiritual” entities.” What qualities will the next levels of the hierarchy have?

MerKaBA is the gene in the image and likeness of which our entire universe is built. It generates an evolutionary life-flows of YANG-YIN. In addition, we can say that the properties of shungite merkaba meditation are that it generates Events and Changes of the Single Law and reflects the properties of the world constant of the universe.

Benefits of Shungite Merkaba Meditation

  1. Chakra Alignment: This meditation aids in balancing and aligning the chakras, promoting overall well-being.
  2. Stress Reduction: It helps reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you feeling more relaxed and centered.
  3. Enhanced Spiritual Connection: The Merkaba’s sacred geometry may deepen your connection to your spiritual self and the universe.
  4. Clarity and Insights: Many practitioners report gaining clarity and insight into various aspects of their lives.

Shungite Merkaba Meditation is a powerful yet accessible way to promote spiritual alignment and holistic well-being. With regular practice, it can become a transformative tool for navigating life’s challenges and finding inner peace.

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Weight0.24 lbs
Dimensions1.57 × 1.57 × 1.57 in




Type of surface





Shungite stone





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