Shungite Pendulum Black Crystal

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We attached this conical shungite pendulum Black Crystal to a stainless steel chain with length 21 cm/ 8,27 inch. Also at the end of the chain you will see a small shungite sphere.

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Why use a pendulum?

As you know, the principle of operation of a shungite pendulum is based on waves and vibrations, as well as on the sensations of these vibrations. Sensitive people use a pendulum for dowsing, with its help they find the right things, and also diagnose various problems.
Since ancient times, soothsayers and fortune-tellers, as well as sorcerers and magicians have worked with pendulums. No wonder it was the drawing of a pendulum that adorned the first edition of the famous predictions of Nostradamus.
And also participants in spiritualism seances used a cone pendulum. After all, the movement of the saucer requires tremendous effort from the participants in the session, and using the pendulum is much easier. Therefore, it can be used even by a person who does not have the abilities of a medium.

And most importantly, the pendulum is closely related to the owner’s energy. By combining the powerful energy of the ancient shungite stone with the subtle energy fields of the owner, you can get an effective pendulum. Then you will love him and will use him in any situation as an assistant.

Features of manufacture Shungite Pendulum

We make each shungite pendulum by hand. Therefore, the dimensions of each pendulum are unique and may slightly differ from those indicated in the description. Shungite pendulum have the shape of a cone and a polished surface. You can also find inclusions of pyrite and quartz. Moreover, we attach a stainless steel chain to the Black Crystal pendulum.

Please note that the polished surface of the stone is very fragile. This surface can be easily damaged by strong impact on it. In addition, fingerprints may remain on such a surface.

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