Shungite Customized Pendants in decorative packaging

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Each shungite customized pendant has a drawing on one side. You can also add decorative packaging (made of natural wood). You can also add your personal text that will be engraved on the back of the pendant. We replaced birch bark round boxes with heart-shaped boxes.



All Shungite customized pendants are made from 100% natural Shungite stone. This is one of the rarest and most amazing stones in the world. It is a scientifically proven fact that this mineral has the ability to absorb high frequency waves. All our pendants are made from a single piece of genuine shungite stone.

How are made Shungite customized pendants

Each shungite customized pendants is carved from a piece of stone by hand. This is not a Factory pressed part that is obtained in molds. In this regard, each pendant has unique dimensions (weight, thickness and diameter). Also, inclusions of pyrite and Quartzite make each pendant unique. Because a pattern of veins of the Pyrit and Quartzite is like a person’s fingerprints, it has no repetition in the whole world. Pyrite and Quartzite are satellite minerals of genuine shungite. These minerals can be seen on the surface of shungite in the form of streaks of white and Golden color.

You can add decorative packaging to your shungite customized pendant and your personal inscription on the back of the pendant. Drawing-the Tree of Life and your text are applied using special high-precision equipment by engraving. This makes the drawing and inscription durable and not subject to abrasion over time.

Besides, decorative packaging made of 100% environmentally friendly material. This is the bark of a tree. The filler in the package is made of 100% wood chips. The rope of the shungite сustomized pendant is made of 100% waxed cotton.

If you are looking for a natural unusual gift, then this is probably one of those that you were looking for.

If you are looking for a shungite customized pendants with a drawing on both sides, then you can find them in this section.

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Tree of life, Flower of life, Yin and Yang, Awen, Eye of Horus, Lucky Clover, Lizard, Helm of Awe, Keeper of secret, Metatron, Peepal Tree, Star of David, Loyal Friend

Decorative packaging

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Text on the back

Yes, I want to add my text, No, text is not needed

3 reviews for Shungite Customized Pendants in decorative packaging

  1. Audra

    This is wonderful! Very good quality! Thank you!

  2. Seth

    Beautiful, quality pendant. String is a bit thin. However, very nice. Friendly service. Took a while to ship due to travel restrictions in the world today.. well worth the wait. Thank you

  3. Jake

    The owner did proper communication and the packaging was good though. The seller’s communication was on point.

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