Shungite plate Pentacle Altar Tile

The size of shungite magical stone circle ~50 mm/1.97″ or 70 mm/2.76″, thickness ~ 5 mm/0.19″. The pattern Pentacle is applied by engraving. If you would like to have your personal drawing on this shungite plate, please contact us.

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Each shungite pentacle altar tile is unique, as is its owner. The magical shungite altar reflects our spirituality and mental state. It can be a personal sacred place where we leave everything worldly behind in order to get in touch with the mystical world. An shungite pentacle altar is a place where religious ceremonies are held and offerings are made to a deity or deities. The shungite stone altar has an ancient connection with the Goddess and Mother Earth, who rules the wheel of birth-death-rebirth.

How to make an shungite pentacle altar tile.

Your shungite pentacle altar will require a large flat surface, a table or sideboard will do. You can also use drawers to store items needed to practice magic, just cover it with a tablecloth. What shape this surface will be does not really matter. Because circles and squares are equally sacred and can be easily divided into quarters for the four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

And they, in turn, are the foundations of traditional magic, which play an important role even in informal rituals. At the same time, the round altar pentacle made of shungite stone in the form of a sacred circle works especially well. Indeed, according to ancient traditions, a flat natural stone plate is used as an altar. The witch must bring the stone on herself, this will give great strength to your shungite pentacle altar tile. In this case, even an altar cloth (tablecloth) is not needed.

The shungite altar tile does not have to be large, but you will need a place to walk freely around it. Indeed, many rituals require movement in a circle, in the center of which is the shungite altar. And so you need a little space on the north side of the circle and on the south to stand there freely, facing north.

The central place at the shungite stone altar in the circle is the place of the Spirit, or Akasha. Akasha is the name given to the fifth element, formed from a combination of four ancient elements: Earth, Fire, Air and Water, which in former times were considered the sources of all life and matter. Akasha is even more powerful than everyone else.

Artifacts on the shungite pentacle altar tile.

Further, the magical tradition prescribes keeping artifacts and candles on the altar, but this is not required. For example, if you are using an ordinary room in an apartment or house. Then you can leave the altar only partially prepared for work. However, you should bring such items as salt and water just before the ritual, as they must be fresh. You will also need an open air candle or torch for the altar in the garden, and stone figurines. if possible, then cover such an altar with bushes on all sides.

In the event that you made an altar at home. At times when you are not using it, keep the plants in pots or place bouquets to keep the energy fresh and mobile. If you feel stagnant, sprinkle the altar counterclockwise with water and lemon juice or peppermint infusion. This must be done in order to remove the negative energy that arises from the hustle and bustle of the day. And then make a circle of power to recharge this place. You can also fumigate it with incense, make protective circles of pine or myrrh. Next go around again, first against the movement of the sun and then make a circle of power again.

Practice with the magical shungite stone altar.

In the meantime, every night or when you are free, you can try your inner spiritual abilities at your shungite pentacle altar tile. For example, look at a candle or into a vessel with water. Meantime on the surface of which some colored ink should be dripped. At the same time, try to hold the various stones that lie on your altar, and let the impressions pass through your fingertips in the form of images, sounds and feelings. This art is called psychometrics, you master it involuntarily.

You may, however, have a more specific goal. For example, to improve your finances, place basil leaves in a pot, line it with gold coins, and light a green or golden success candle while the visualized gold coins rain down on you. If you have a sick friend and want to send him helpful. Then put a photo of him on the shungite altar. Next, surround it with carnations, rose quartz crystals and a circle of small pink candles. Send your helpful thought or imagine golden light. Then blow out the candles and send energy to those in need.

When you are not practicing magic “by the rules”, keep on the shungite pentacle altar tile some stones that are of some value to you. You may want to have rhinestone for pure energy, lapis lazuli blue that gleams with gold for wisdom. In addition to them purple amethyst and rose quartz for health and harmony, or shimmering golden brown tiger’s eye for easier cognition. You can also keep various herbs on the shungite plate altar according to your current focus.

Shungite pentacle tile for emf protection.

As you know, we are used to comfort. First of all, these are electrical appliances. After all, they simplify our life and save time. However, most likely you have already thought about the fact that there are too many devices. As a result, hundreds of different EMF waves penetrate us every second. Yes, their intensity is not high enough to directly harm the cells of the body. However, with prolonged exposure of the body to EMF radiation, which also includes 5G radiation, not only thermal consequences arise. Typically, this can have an adverse effect on the cells of the body. But there is a way to reduce the negative impact of electromagnetic fields using shungite pentacle altar tile to protect against EMF and from 5G waves.

Protection against EMF and 5g with shungite stone pentacle plate.

The fact is, shungite is an ancient and rare mineral, it has unique properties. At the same time, its shungite deposits are located only in one place in the world – in the Republic of Karelia, Russia. And scientific research of the emf of shungite shielding properties, carried out by scientists from all over the world, gave one result. Firstly, shungite is recognized as a mineral with a unique ability to neutralize waves emitted by various electronics and devices. Secondly, this mineral is recognized as one of the most effective natural materials in the field of protection against EMF.

Shungite round plate and magnet.

We suggest you choose a shungite emf circle Pentacle size of 50 or 70 millimeters. Alternatively, we can attach a magnetic layer to the disc to adhere the disc to a metal surface. Shungite stone effectively protects against EMF radiation even with a thin thickness in human hair, it is proved by scientific research. However, as the thickness of the material increases, the shielding efficiency increases according to a mathematical progression.

Drawing on a shungite circle pentacle.

At our production facility we make a drawing of the Pentacle on a shungite magical circle. In addition, we have other options for drawings in the online store catalog. If you are interested in an blank shungite disk without or with a magnet, you can also find them in our product catalog.

How we make shungite round plate.

We produce shungite emf circle from solid shungite stone. Next, we polish the disc on both sides, while the edges of the disc are not polished, but they are smooth to the touch. On the surface of the shungite circle, there may be traces of natural mineral inclusions of shungite, which give a special appearance to the stone. These include quartz and pyrite. Pyrite will appear as golden or yellowish specks or veins. At the same time, on the surface of a shungite product there may be some areas in the form of small pits or holes, as well as grooves in the form of holes. All these are traces of pyrite in shungite.

The engraving on a shungite plate of image.

Each magical shungite emf circle will have a unique pattern. After all, the mineral companions of shungite give the black surface of this stone a unique inimitable pattern. In this case, the greatest contribution is made by quartz, which is white. But on a polished shungite surface, quartz looks like translucent or whitish veins. However, when we engrave shungite, white quartz inclusions can show through in the picture and you will see them.

Additional information

Size of shungite disk

50mm/1.9", 70mm/2.76''


with magnet, without magnet, without magnet, engraved on both sides


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