Shungite Present The beginning of life

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The shungite present include one polished shungite egg a height of ~60 mm/2.36″. Shungite stand, also included. Made of 100% Natural rare stone.

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Unusual Shungite present

Are you looking for something to surprise your friends or loved ones? This present from Shungite will be truly unusual and will surprise anyone who receives it. First, this souvenir is made of natural rare mineral Shungite. Secondly, it is one of the most unusual minerals that has unusual properties. This is a completely natural product made by hand in Russia.

In our online store you will also find a variety of products from this genuine rare stone. You will be able to pick up a present for yourself or for another person.


This shungite present consists of a stand round shape. Also, it has an elongated sphere shaped like an egg. The size about  6cm/2.36″ in diameter. The base has a groove, as a result of which the sphere are securely fixed to the stand. The front surface of the shungite stand has a polished surface. The edges of the stand have textured breaks that give a natural shape and appearance. In addition, the egg also have a polished surface. As a result, their surface reflects light and looks presentable.

Please note, real shungite stone can leave marks on hands. This is the remnants of dust that remained after production. Simply rinse this product under water, but do not RUB the polished surface. This may cause damage to it.

What does mean this present

The egg appears as an image of the totality which contains all the possibilities of the development of the universe; it is compared to the womb in which the seeds of creation are contained, from which all beings have emerged. The egg is the beginning of life, but it also symbolizes offspring, rebirth and new life. In Egypt, the hieroglyph for egg is a determinative sign with the meaning “potential”, “seed”.

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