Shungit souvenir St. George’s cross

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This unique shungite souvenir is made from a single natural piece of shungite stone. The size of the shungite carved cube is about 4 cm/1.57″. The weight of the product is just over 100 grams/0.22 lb

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Unusual Shungite Souvenir

Are you looking for something to surprise your friends or loved ones? This souvenir from Shungite will be truly unusual and will surprise anyone who receives it. First, this souvenir is made of natural rare mineral Shungite. Secondly, it is one of the most unusual minerals that has unusual properties.  Shungite carved cube is a completely natural product made by hand in Russia.

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This shungite souvenir is made from a single piece of natural natural stone. The master manually carves a pattern inside the stone. The size about  4cm/1.57″.  All side of the souvenir has a polished surface. As a result, their surface reflects light and looks presentable.

Please note, real shungite stone can leave marks on hands. This is the remnants of dust that remained after production. Simply rinse this product under water, but do not RUB the polished surface. This may cause damage to it.

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What does mean this souvenir

Among all the military awards in the Russian history of the cross of St. George occupies a special place. This sign of military valor is the most famous award of pre-revolutionary Russia. The soldier’s George cross can be called the most massive award of the Russian Empire, because it marked the lower ranks (soldiers and non-commissioned officers).

Shungit souvenir St. George’s cross, made of a single natural piece of rare stone, will allow you to touch the history of the Russian Empire and the Russian people.

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Weight0.33 lbs
Dimensions1.46 × 1.46 × 1.46 in





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