Quantum Pendant: an unpleasant surprise of artificial jewelry

Quantum Pendant Radioactive or Scalar Energy Pendant

If you have thought about everyday protection from EMF (from electromagnetic radiation generated by electrical devices, 4G and 5G networks), then most likely you are familiar with protective Quantum Pendant or Scalar Energy Pendant. In this article we will tell you about one of the most unpleasant radioactive surprises of this “prominent” jewelry.

What is Quantum Pendant?

Quantum Pendant has emerged as a famous and polarizing accessory. This pendant, often associated with quantum science, claims to offer numerous benefits, from increased energy levels to improved overall well-being. In this article, we’ll explore what the Scalar Pendant is, its purported benefits, and the science behind it.

Shape and properties

The Quantum Pendant is a small, disc-shaped pendant that typically contains minerals and other materials believed to have therapeutic properties. These pendants are often marketed as energy enhancers, designed to optimize the body’s natural energy flow and balance.

What does science have to do with it?

The pendant’s name is often associated with quantum physics, a field that deals with the behavior of particles on a subatomic level. However, the connection between quantum physics and the effects claimed by Quantum Pendants is tenuous at best.

Radioactive particles

While the claims surrounding Scalar Pendants are intriguing, they are often met with skepticism from the scientific community. There is limited empirical evidence to support these claims, and many experts view Quantum Pendants as pseudoscientific. But what is most important, such pendants can be dangerous due to the fact that radioactive particles have been detected in their composition.

Scalar pendants: different names

  • «Anti EMF Radiation Protection Pendant»
  • «Negative Ions Energy Pendant Necklace Orgone Pendant»
  • «Tourmaline 2300 Negative Ions», etc.

However, in fact, these pendants do not protect against electromagnetic radiation, but on the contrary, they themselves are sources of even more dangerous-ionizing radiation.

Scalar Necklcaes
Different types of Quantum Pendant

For example, there are numerous cases when quantum pendant or Quantum Science pendants purchased on a well-known Chinese Internet site simply could not pass the customs border of Russia [1]. The radiation that came from the pendants was detected by radiation monitoring devices.

Thorium-232 in Quantum Pendant

During the examination, the radioactive substance Thorium-232 was detected in the composition of the products. The level of radioactive radiation of black coulons in some cases exceeded the natural radiation background by 15 times. In addition, they were found to contain radionuclides: Potassium-40, Radium-226.

Customers from this shopping site leave reviews with photos of dosimeters that show an excess of radiation background. In addition, there are many videos on YouTube with measurements of Quantum Pendant. Basically, this is where these products go to other stores around the world. By the way, the natural radiation background is 0.11 µSv (microsieverts per hour).

Background radiation measurements Scalar Pendant
Measuring the background radiation of the Quantum Pendant and Scalar Energy Pendant

Where did the radiation in the «Anti EMF Radiation Protection Pendant»?

Since we mentioned above about radiological studies of these necklace, we understand that this is the fault of radioactive thorium 232.

Therefore, we will look at it in more detail, and find out what the lava has to do with it and what the pendants are made of Scalar Energy Pendant Volcanic Lava.

As the sellers say, these pendants emit ions, they even counted them, they are about 6000-7000 ions.

measurement of ion flow from  Quantum Pendant
Ionizing radiation of Scalar pendants

And they are right about that. For example, home measurements Scalar Pendant Radioactive of the total flux density of gamma, beta, and alpha particles shown 140 micro roentgens per hour (1.4 microsieverts per hour). This is a very large stream of quantum particles.

Measurement of the radioactivity of a Scalar Energy Pendant
Measurement of the radioactivity of a Quantum Science Scalar Energy Pendant on YouTube

This stream from Scalar Energy Pendant is ionizing radiation, i.e. a stream of photons, elementary particles, or atomic nuclei that can ionize matter. In turn, ionization of a substance is a process of breaking the bonds between the molecules of this substance. In contrast, non-ionizing radiation (electromagnetic radiation) cannot do this.

Where did the radioactive elements in the Quantum pendant come from?

As is known, there are artificial sources of ionizing radiation (nuclear reactor, x-ray, etc.) and natural sources, which include spontaneous radioactive decay of radionuclides.

Meanwhile, radioactive decay is a spontaneous change in the composition or internal structure of unstable atomic nuclei by emitting elementary particles, gamma rays, and / or nuclear fragments.

In other words, radionuclides (radioactive isotopes, radioisotopes) are nuclides whose nuclei are unstable and experience radioactive decay.

A little more science

Most radionuclides are obtained artificially, but there are also natural radionuclides, which include the following. These are radionuclides with long half-lives (>5 * 107 years, for example, Uranium-238, Thorium-232, Potassium-40) that have not had time to decay since nucleosynthesis during The earth’s existence, 4.5 billion years.

Many of the natural radionuclides are evenly distributed around the globe. And others may, under the influence of various natural processes, concentrate in certain geological formations or in certain types of plants.

For example, some areas of Brazil (Minas Gerais, Espiritu Santo) and India (Kerala), where there are alluvial deposits of monazite Sands, are characterized by an increased natural background of ionizing radiation. In turn, it is due to the high content of thorium and rare earth elements in monazite.

Monazite Sands
Monazite or Thorium Sands (contain grains of the mineral monazite), which in turn contains thorium 232

This sand contains grains of the mineral monazite. The color of the mineral itself is variable, from yellow to reddish-brown and from light gray to green to black.

Samples of the mineral Monazite
The Mineral Monazite

Monazite sand with thorium, from where the ions fly

Thus, monazite Sands (Babylonian Sands of time or thorium Sands) are an important source for extracting radioactive thorium and rare earth elements. The largest marine placers are found in Ceylon and Brazil. There are not only coastal accumulations of monazite (thorium) Sands. They can also be found in non-coastal areas, deep on the mainland, where there are faults in the earth’s crust.

Perhaps therefore the name of the pendant refers to a volcanic stone, with an allusion to the fact that the material for the pendants could have been brought from areas of former volcanic activity containing monazite. However, most likely the name ” Volcanic Lava” is just part of the marketing, due to associations with black volcanic sand on the beaches of Iceland. And here’s why.

Elementary, this is due to economic efficiency, because domestic raw materials are cheaper than imported ones. We know the sad story of the Chinese city of Yangjiang [2], which was recognized as one of the most dangerous radioactive zones on the planet. The reason for this was the houses built by residents from clay and monazite sand mined nearby in mountainous areas. Therefore the brick that was made using this sand had a high radioactivity.

Farm Village in Yangjiang

Where to buy Monazite Powder for Quantum pendant?

Hence, the conclusion is that most likely Quantum Pendant is made of monazite sand or with the addition of monazite powder. By the way, the cost of monazite powder on the Chinese market is around 3-5 dollars per 1 kilogram.

price powder
The price monazite powder

Similarly, these pendants can be ordered in bulk with their own logo and pattern, as well as with packaging at a price of $ 1.20 per piece…

price scalar energy pendant
Wholesale Scalar pendants

Natural shungite stone pendant vs Quantum Pendant

Shungite pendant are not Quantum pendant. These are absolutely two different materials. Shungite is a natural material – stone – rock from Russia. A quantum pendant is an artificial material created by man. Russian stone is absolutely safe for humans, unlike shungite pendants and shungite stone.

Is shungite radioactive?

No, shungite is not radioactive. This is absolutely pure rock from any harmful contaminants.

In addition, Russian stone is not subject to mandatory certification in Russia because this mineral is recognized as absolutely safe for humans, animals and the environment. These properties are confirmed and scientifically proven by the Russian Academy of Sciences. As well as other scientific laboratories around the world. This allows the use of black stone from Russia in agriculture and medical health centers in many countries of the world.

It is a generally accepted fact that only the natural mineral from Russia containing the allotropic form of carbon, fullerene C60, can absorb EMF radiation. This is a scientifically proven fact, since many studies have been carried out on Russian stone EMF protective properties. This mineral was found only in Karelia (Russia). More information about these properties can be found here.

shungite pendant vs Scalar Energy Pendant
Natural Russian stone pendant for emf protection vs Quantum Pendant

Similar only in color

Maybe these pendants are similar in appearance, but that’s where the similarities end. Above all, shungite pendant is made of solid Russian c60 stone without any foreign impurities. In this photo, the pendant is engraved with a protective mandala Transformation. Other protective natural stone mandalas and shungite pendants can be found in this section of the site. The Shungite stone is absolutely non-radioactive and can protect against EMF [3].

It was natural Karelian EMF Protection stone that became the object of scientific research in the field of protection against high frequency EMF radiation. And it has been scientifically proven that black rock from Russia has the ability to protect against harmful high frequency waves.

On the contrary, Quantum Pendant are produced on an industrial scale from a mixture of substances that are poured into molds with different patterns. In addition, deliberate deception and possible harm to health should make future owners of Scalar Quantum pendants products wary.


Quantum or so-called Scalar coulombs may contain a certain amount of radioactive substances. It mainly depends on artificial additives and low-quality artificial materials that are created by man. On the contrary, Russian shungite is not radioactive. This rock from Russia is an absolutely safe material that is completely natural. There are no harmful impurities or materials in the stone.

Russian stone from Karelia is absolutely safe and harmless for humans, animals and the surrounding world. In addition, one of the abilities of the stone is protection against EMF. Other minerals on earth do not have such abilities.

Please note, that stones and materials such as: Obsidian and Tourmaline, as well as Lava stone, Orgonite or Epoxy resin, are not able to protect against harmful electromagnetic micro waves.


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