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The unsurpassed Power of Shungite Pendants: How They Work and Why You Need One

Shungite is a unique mineral that has been used for centuries in Russia for its powerful helpful and protective properties. In recent years, shungite has gained popularity around the world, and one of the most popular ways to use shungite is in the form of pendants. In this article, we’ll explore the helpful power of shungite pendants, how they work, and why you need one in your life.

What Are Shungite Pendants?

Shungite pendants are pieces of jewelry made from shungite, typically in the form of a small stone or disc that can be worn around the neck. Black shungite pendants come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some may also feature other minerals or crystals for example Pyrite with has other useful benefits.

Shungite pendant is a handmade product which is made from a single piece of genuine shungite stone. These products can have a variety of geometric shapes, which are cut from a single piece of stone.

Classic Oval pendant and Elite Shungite Pendant.

Rare Natural Russian Stone.

Shungite mineral is one of the most hard-to-find and rare minerals on Earth. By the will of nature or other circumstances, this mineral was discovered only in one place on our planet. It is a small region of Karelia on the border with Finland in Russia. There are two varieties of pendants. This is a classic and an elite pendants. The difference between the two types of products lies in the material of the type of shungite from which they are made.

Classic Type.

These pendants are made of classic shungite. This black mineral has a diverse chemical composition the main element of which is the form of carbon (content of 30% and above) which is not found anywhere else in nature. It is this black stone that has become the object of scientific worldwide research in the field of EMF and other amazing properties. Read our article shungite properties to learn more about it. Now the reserves of this mineral are close to zero, as the only Deposit has limited reserves, which are decreasing every year.

Features of classic type.

The peculiarity of these pendants is that they can be made of almost any geometric shape. Please note each shape is obtained as a result of manual work. This is the process of carving a single pendant from a single piece of stone. This is not a pressed mold. In addition, each such shungite pendant has a polished surface to reflect light and look more attractive. Often this surface is mistaken for paint, but it is not. Paint is used by scammers when counterfeiting these products. The fact is that such a paint can be electrically conductive, as a result it can deceive the buyer without tests.

Please note, that even the polished surface of classic pendants can leave marks on clothes or hands. Don’t worry, it’s the remnants of shungite dust that has settled on its surface. We wash our products thoroughly after the manufacturing process has been finished, but still sometimes happens. Simply rinse your pendant under warm water, but do not use any chemical agents or harsh materials. The fact that the polished surface of the products can be damaged or erased. Also, when shungite wearing, the polished on the shungite pendant comes off after a while and the pendant becomes matte.

How to check shungite pendant.

If you are at home, then go to the window to get enough light. Turn the pendant so that the light begins to reflect from its surface. As a result, you should see the veins on the surface of this shungite pendant. These are veins of pyrite and Quartzite. These two minerals have a Golden and whitish color and are clearly distinguishable on the raw untreated surface of this shungite.

However, on a polished surface, they do not have such natural colors. But you can still see the veins.

Pyrite and quartz inclusion in natural shungite
Pyrite and quartz inclusion in natural shungite stone from Karelia.

Mineral quartz in shungite.

The fact is that real black shungite, from which we make all our pendants, belongs to the third type of shungite. This means that it contains about 30% of the unique amorphous shungite carbon. The remaining inclusions are silicon oxide and trace amounts of other chemical elements. Therefore, quartz in shungite occupies an impressive part of the structure.

Look at these shungite pendants, you can see quartz stripes on them. The mineral quartz is white in color and highly reflective. Remember, quartz can look like glass and glisten well. Therefore, inside the shungite rock inclusions of quartz will have the form of darker bands than shungite. Or the quartz veins will look like lighter bands than the black shungite itself. It just depends on the angle of view and the angle of incidence of the light. Twist the pendant in the light and you will see the difference.

Pyrite and quartz inclusion in natural shungite
Pyrite and quartz inclusion in natural shungite pendant 5 cm/1,97 in. Look at the quartz veins inside the pendant, they have a darker color due to insufficient lighting of the pendant.

Mineral Pyrite inside shungite.

In addition to the quartz mineral, there may also be a pyrite mineral inside shungite. This mineral has a golden color that can reach orange. On the surface of shungite pendants and shungite products, pyrite is represented by veins, stripes, spots. Sometimes small pits can be found in these pyrite inclusions.

In fact, pyrite and quartz greatly adorn shungite pendants and give them a unique pattern. Therefore, all shungite pendants will have a unique pattern on their surface.

shungite round plate with quartz and pyrite
Natural shungite round plate with quartz and pyrite.

If your pendant is covered in paint, you probably won’t see any streaks on its surface. So as under layer by layer black paint this cannot be to see. In addition, if you buy shungite pendants in countries other than Russia, there is a huge risk of getting a fake. For example, a pendant of Hematite or Orgonite. Read about shungite forgeries in this article.

shungite fake
On the left a genuine black stone. Hematite On The Right.

At the same time, if you bought a very black shungite pendant and don’t see traces of quartz or pyrite on it, then don’t get upset ahead of time. Indeed, in fact, there is a possibility that a real shungite pendant will be almost completely black without marks. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen. Therefore, if in doubt, then conduct a test for the conductivity of your pendant. A real shungite pendant will conduct electricity.

Pyrite and quartz in engraved shungite pendants.

Shungite engraved pendant Eye of Horus and natural inclusions of quartz and pyrite in it.
Shungite engraved pendant Eye of Horus and natural inclusions of quartz and pyrite in it.

We make shungite pendants from real raw shungite stone from the Zazhoginsky deposit, which has amazing properties. At the same time, in order to engrave later, we use the blackest shungite rock, and it is very difficult to choose it among the shungite blocks. Next, choose the blackest pendants.

However, even on these black pendants there will still be some small translucent lines and veins from quartz and pyrite. However, they do not stand out on shungite very much.

After we have engraved the pendants, we also make a selection among them. And we remove those pendants on which the white quartz is very bright. Thus, we choose only high-quality engraved pendants. However, some very small dots are not defect.

Shungite conductivity measurement.

electrical resistivity of shungite engraved pendant
Measurement of the specific electrical resistance of a shungite engraved pendant.

Real shungite is a good conductor of electricity. At the same time, any shungite is a good conductor of electricity. This is black shungite of the third type with an average carbon content of about 30%, from which all our black pendants are made. And elite shungite of the first type with a carbon content of up to 99%. At the same time, the electrical conductivity for shungite is 4762 Sim/m. And the specific resistance to electric current for shungite is the value 2,18 ∙ 10-4 Om∙m.

At the same time, the ability to conduct electricity well for stones and minerals is a very rare phenomenon. For example, everyone knows that metals conduct electricity very well, but shungite is not a metal. But shungite conducts electricity so well that it is much closer to conductors than to semiconductors.

And besides, for example, black classical shungite of the third type contains silicon oxide (in the form of quartz) up to 60%. But quartz does not conduct electricity at all. But the molecular and supramolecular structure of shungite and its chemical composition together give amazing effects. These include not only the ability of shungite to conduct electric current, but also to absorb and reflect electromagnetic waves of high frequency. Scientists have discovered and investigated this unique ability of shungite to protect against EMF radiation.

Measuring current resistance with a multimeter.

At home, you can check the conductivity of the shungite pendant with a multimeter. Also use the light bulb test. To measure with a multimeter, you need to turn the knob to the position of measuring the resistance to electric current as shown in our photo. After all, the lower the resistance of a material to current, the more this material conducts electric current. Shungite has a current resistance close to zero. Therefore, current flows freely through shungite.

Please note that when taking measurements, you cannot place the probe into a quartz viens in shungite, since quartz does not conduct electricity.

Shungite Elite Pendant.

These pendants are made of the first type of Shungite which can also be called as elite, silver, noble, etc. This mineral unlike its classical companion has a silvery surface and reflects light even without the need to Polish its surface. The fact is that this silvery mineral has a smooth and mirrored surface by nature. This was made possible by carbon, which is 98% of the total mass of this mineral. In contrast to the classical shungite pendants these pendants are not processed and have a natural shape. Such as they were found in nature.

This noble mineral is rarer than its classic black companion. The only Deposit is also only in Karelia, and it is completely exhausted. Now there are only grains in the form of veins, which are scattered along the shores of lake Onega and are extremely inaccessible. This mineral has not been the subject of scientific research in the field of EMF protection. Therefore, to claim that this mineral has the abilities of a classic black stone is not appropriate. Shungite elite pendants are more expensive than classic ones. This is due to the fact that it is almost gone in nature. As a result, this silvery mineral has become the object of counterfeits all over the world. Here is one example.

elite shungite fake
Different kind of Fakes.

Shungite orgonite pendant.

Orgonite is a material that is created artificially from a mixture of various resins, metals and other various minerals. Therefore, such pendants can hardly be called – shungite pendant. This may be true only for color. Nevertheless, there is nothing in common between shungite and orgonite.

Orgonite Pendant
Orgonite Pendant.

As far as we know such pendants are made using various rubber molds or press equipment. Therefore, this allows you to get a beautiful appearance. In addition, absolutely correct geometric proportions and color shades. Probably, this pendants do not have anything except a beautiful appearance. Perhaps, such pendants also cover paint to issuing their for genuine pendants from classic shungite. In addition, there are two very similar minerals that can pass for genuine shungite. It’s Tourmaline and Obsidian.

Tourmaline and Obsidian Pendant
Tourmaline and Obsidian Pendant.

Shungite pendant emf protection.

This black mineral has been subjected for many years to various world researches in the field of protection against negative fields and waves of different nature. For example, these waves are able to emit all electrical devices that are associated with everyday life of modern man. To date, this rare black shungite mineral is recognized as the most effective material for protection against EMF and from 5G radiation. Note that the results of the studies are valid only for genuine pure shungite. Orgonite, Hematite and other minerals are not suitable for this.

AntiEMF pendant fake.

We also draw your attention to some black radioactive pendants advertised by sellers as protection against EMF. In fact, these pendants not only do not protect against EMF radiation, but they themselves are a source of dangerous ionizing radiation. But in fact, these fakes give quite the opposite effect. Instead of protecting, they, on the contrary, are able to irradiate the one who wears them with real radioactive radiation.

Shungite pendant meaning.

Each shungite pendant in our shungite store is not made randomly. In addition, our masters tried to give their creations a certain geometric shape or make a drawing on the surface of the pendant. Each geometric shape or pattern has its own energy. If a person looks at the shape of the pendant or drawing and he has a sense of unity and attraction, the energy of the body and the geometric shape coincide.

amulet rare stone
Engraved Amulets made of Shungite: “Helm of Awe“, “Valknut“, and “Star of David“,” Awen“.

Perhaps, such pendant the most fully suited for this rights. In addition, each person’s inner beliefs and aspirations are different. Sometimes this requires outside support. For this as cannot be better suited pendants and symbols in the form of amulets or amulets, and also talismans for luck, health, etc. For instance, in our no clothing left you can find such amulets and perhaps one of them proves your. You will feel it.

Shungite pendant benefits.

The main advantage of shungite pendant are unusual ability of the mineral from which it is made. In addition, it is one of the oldest and rarest minerals on earth which was formed more than 2 billion years ago. Also, one of the main advantages of shungite pendants is the fact that all pendants are cut from a single natural piece of russian stone. Therefore, this product can be confidently called natural and authentic.

What Are the Benefits of Spiritual Shungite Pendants?

We pay great attention to spiritual development and believe that the ancient shungite stone gives a powerful impetus to purification and enlightenment. Spiritual shungite pendants offer a wide range of benefits for those who are looking to deepen the spiritual practice. Some of the most commonly reported benefits of spiritual pendants include:

  1. Enhanced intuition and spiritual insight: Some pendants are believed to help open the third eye chakra, which can enhance intuition and spiritual insight. For example shungite pendants Mandala amulets.
  2. Increased emotional balance and well-being: Many spiritual pendants are made with crystals or gemstones that can help to balance and clear the energy centers of the body, promoting emotional stability and overall well-being. For example, these pendants are of various geometric shapes.
  3. Greater connection to divine energy: Pendants that feature spiritual symbols or mantras can help to enhance one’s connection to divine energy and promote a sense of spiritual connectedness.
  4. Protection from negative energy: Some spiritual pendants are believed to offer protection from negative energy and can help to shield the wearer from harmful vibrations and energy. For example tree of life amulet.

Spiritual shungite pendants can be a powerful tool for enhancing one’s spiritual practice and promoting overall health and well-being. By choosing a pendant that aligns with your spiritual goals and intentions, you can harness the energy of the pendant to deepen your spiritual connection and enhance your personal growth and transformation. Whether you’re looking to enhance your intuition, promote emotional balance, or connect with divine energy, a spiritual shungite pendant can be a valuable addition to your spiritual toolkit.

shungite mandals spirutal pendants
Shungite mandals spirutal pendants.

Best shungite pendant.

The best shungite pendant is one that is made by hand without the use of any impurities or technological pressing forms. These are pendants that were made of pure 100% natural stone. Otherwise, each person decides for himself which pendant will suit him personally.

How to clean the pendant.

As we wrote before, all our classic pendants have a polished surface, as a result do not leave marks on clothes or hands. However, sometimes it may be slightly manifested as there are traces of dust on the surface of the product after processing. Simply rinse your pendant under running warm water, but do not use any chemical cleaners or harsh brushes.
In order to remove the accumulated energy from the pendant, it is possible to hold it under a stream of warm water for 20-30 seconds. At the same time, you should imagine how the accumulated energy is washed away with water. Also, you can leave your pendant in the sun during the day. In addition, some of the teachings in the energy region claim that it is capable of charging minerals and clean them.

Large shungite pendant.

In our store are large shungite pendants. Basically, these are pendants that we made from whole pieces of shungite of the first type (elite shungite). Click here to select one of them. If you do not find a pendant big enough for you, please contact us through the feedback form and let us know what size pendant you would like to receive. We will try to pick up for you a sample of a mineral with such weight or the size.

Shungite pendant talisman.

Talismans bring happiness and good luck, and also protect their owner from various dangers and negative influences of the outside world. Man is a strong being who is able to conquer nature, but even for him there is a need for protection. Invisible to the eye external forces can influence the fate of each person.

Shungite pendant talisman
Shungite pendant talisman engraved.

Some people try not to think about it and not to notice it. They just don’t believe it’s possible. In other words, they are realists and believe only in science. Other people are able to feel not only with the skin and see not only with the eyes. Such people feel the space around them on another level that others do not understand. For such people, pendants, talismans and amulets are not just decoration or status in society — it is primarily protection and assistance.
The talismans that have the most power are those that are made of natural materials. For example, minerals, stones, crystals, wood, etc.

Buy shungite pendant in Australia, Canada, NZ, Uk, USA and in other countries.

We ourselves and our shungite store come from Karelia, Russia. Therefore, we make products only from real shungite stones. However, we take into account the changing situation in the world, so we do our best to deliver shungite pendants faster to our customers. We understand how important it is for a person to be sure of the authenticity of this mineral and guarantee it. You will receive your order from us directly first hand without any intermediaries. You can read the delivery rules in this section.

If you have any questions please contact us.