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Crafting Excellence: The Art of Creating Shungite Products

How it is made?

Curious about how shungite products come to life? In this article, we’ll take you behind the scenes and unveil the fascinating shungite manufacturing process of making shungite products. From the unique features of processing natural shungite stone to the wide range of items crafted from this extraordinary material, discover the meticulous artistry and dedication involved in bringing shungite products to your doorstep.

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shungite products how it’s made

Processing Natural Shungite Stone

Shungite, a rare mineral native to Russia, undergoes a series of meticulous processes before it can be transformed into exquisite products. The initial step involves extracting the raw shungite stone from designated Karelian mining sites. Once extracted, the stone is carefully cleaned, removing impurities and ensuring its purity and authenticity. We sort by hand the pieces suitable for the manufacture of souvenirs. Get acquainted with the catalog of our products.

Features of Shungite Stone

One of the remarkable aspects of shungite is its carbon-based composition, which sets it apart from other minerals. This unique characteristic enables shungite to possess exceptional properties, including its ability to purify water, shield against electromagnetic radiation, and potentially provide healing benefits. Shungite also comes in various grades, ranging from elite shungite (Type I) with the highest carbon content to lesser grades (Type II, Type III).

In addition, we should not forget about the shungite fakes that have flooded the market in recent years. Learn more in this article how to recognize a fake.

What does the shungite manufacturing process include?

Shungite Jewelry:

Artisans shape shungite into elegant pendants, necklace, engraved amulets, and other. Not only do these jewelry pieces exhibit beauty and style, but they also offer the potential benefits of shungite’s energetic properties to the wearer.

Shungite Home Decor Items:

Shungite is utilized to create decorative pieces such as pyramids, spheres, cubes, round plates and etc. These unique artifacts not only add aesthetic appeal to living spaces but also serve as functional items that can potentially enhance the energy and atmosphere of a room.

Shungite beauty:

In recent years, shungite has found its way into beauty and skincare products. Masks, creams, soaps, and shampoos infused with shungite are gaining popularity due to their potential skin revitalization and purification properties. Shungite powder is used as an additive in these cosmetic products. But we don’t make these cosmetic products because we strive to be natural.

Shungite manufacturing process Specifics

The production of shungite products requires a meticulous approach. In addition, skilled craftsmen carefully cut, shape, and polish the shungite stone to achieve the desired design. Depending on the item, additional techniques such as drilling.

It is important to note that each product is cut from a piece of shungite stone manually. We do not use any stamped factory molds. This makes production cheaper, but such goods are not made from whole pieces of shungite stone. These are pressed soulless forms. It is a mixture of rubber, orgonite, other chemical adhesive materials and a little shungite powder. This method is used by many unscrupulous manufacturers.

Quality Control

To ensure the highest standards, we as handmade shungite product manufacturers conduct thorough quality control checks. This includes verifying and testing for purity, and inspecting the craftsmanship of each product before it reaches the market.

The creation of shungite products is a blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and a deep appreciation for the unique properties of this exceptional mineral. From jewelry and home decor items to cosmetics, each shungite product is a testament to the dedication and passion invested by skilled our crafartisans. Embrace the beauty and potential benefits of shungite products, and let them enhance your life with their captivating presence.