Shungite metaphysical meaning

shungite metaphysical meaning

Authentic shungite has pronounced protective qualities. Eliminates negative effects and prevents the penetration of unwanted energies into the human field. If you touch on the topic of protecting the home, then shungite metaphysical meaning can be used as a talisman. The shungite energy will be an excellent guardian of the hearth and space from destructive influences from outside. You can learn more about what shungite is in this special article.

Shungite metaphysical meaning for harmony of internal energy of the person

Authentic shungite helps to direct the internal energy and emotions of a person to the harmony of mind, soul and body. It is used during meditation practices. In addition, it protects from outside interference during trance States and outside of body practices and maintains a connection with the physical body.

Meditation and harmony of energies

shungite metaphysical meaning with harmonizers
Harmonizers rods made of shungite and soapstone with unpolished surface

This stone has a pronounced Yin element and restores the balance of Yin-Yang energies. You can use shungite and soapstone cylinders to harmonize these energies in your body. In this case, the natural soapstone has Yang energy.

Authentic Shungite for human psychology

In psychological terms, authentic shungite gives confidence and strengthens the will. First, this rare black mineral helps eliminate internal inhibitions. Second, it helps your subconscious realize that the only limitations that exist are those self – limiting representations of a person that have a place in their mind. In addition, shungite metaphysical meaning are extremely effective for overcoming all kinds of excessive addictions and dependencies. This includes overeating, Smoking, and other bad habits. Shungite metaphysical meaning directs energy to adjust your attention to the spiritually healthy and natural, pure human needs. This Karelian black mineral helps to weed out problems that are empty, but are perceived by you as important and difficult.

Motivation and self-confidence

Real Karelian shungite promotes acceptance of one’s own mistakes and perception of them as a natural element of learning, rather than a reason for frustration.

Shungite stone is sometimes called a stone for the mind, it is effective when you need concentration and concentration, improves memory and encourages non-standard thinking.

This mineral is a good helper in the study of mathematical Sciences and technical subjects. In addition, it is considered that this shungite can provide useful service in solving legal issues. The strict and minimalistic appearance of this stone contributes to this. Place one of the geometric shapes of shungite (pyramid, sphere or cube) on your desktop to make sure.

shungite cube and sphere or pyramid unpolished
Shungite stone cube and sphere, pyramid with unpolished surface.

Shungite metaphysical meaning for body

The Shungite metaphysical meaning also have the ability to heal the human body. For example, by affecting the blood flow, it helps to relieve inflammation in the joints. In addition, applications from a mixture of shungite powder and water help with various skin diseases. This is confirmed by clinical studies in various health centers in Russia. Real Shungite stone has proven to be an effective natural remedy. In addition to the main course of treatment. Also, Karelian shungite restores, strengthens and regulates blood circulation. It can relieve fever in colds. Helps with circulatory problems, anemia, insomnia. Just put the shungite round plate under your pillow before going to bed.

You can always find different products from authentic shungite Karelian stone in our catalog. We guarantee the authenticity of each product. Because we are located directly on the Deposit of this mineral. We also manufacture our own products. This will protect you from buying a fake. After all, the market is currently full of fake shungite, because it is an extremely rare mineral. Find out more about this in our next article.