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Shungite online platforms specializing in shungite often prioritize transparency and education, providing comprehensive information about the origins, properties, and potential uses of the rare Russian stone.

Through detailed product descriptions, informative articles, and user guides, online retailers strive to empower consumers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about their shungite purchases. Furthermore, customer reviews and testimonials serve as valuable resources for those curious about the experiences of others who have integrated EMF protection stone from Karelia into their wellness routines.

Shungite Online without leaving home

Our karelian shungite onliain website gives you the opportunity to get an authentic Russian stone directly from Russia without leaving your home. As you know, the market is full of fakes of this rare stone. In addition, it is also necessary to take into account that ordinary ground stores are overflowing with fakes of minerals and rocks. Usually these are synthetic materials or glass or plastic, but not natural stones.

Learn out more about our investigation of fakes and counterfeits in this article. But our store guarantees you the authenticity of each sample and each of our products. You can view authentic shungite online on this page. In addition, we have collected on our site a lot of useful and scientific information about the properties and abilities, as well as how to use this rare mineral. More information about russian c60 rocks in our section – useful information.

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Shungite online: catalog of products

How do I place an shungite online order?

Just go to the main catalog of our karelian shungite online products. Then, select the product you are interested in, specify the quantity and add it to the cart. After all the products you need have been added to your shopping cart, you can proceed to the shungite online registration of your order.

First of all, go to your shopping cart and fill in your payment details, as well as the delivery address, if this address differs from your payment details. In addition, you can use one of the coupons to get a discount on your order up to 35%. Find the full list of discount coupons for your shungite online order here.

Second, go to the payment page after you have filled out your delivery address. Please note that all payments are processed on the PayPal website. This guarantees the security of your payment. You can choose how you pay. Choose your PayPal account as payment or your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
Finally, after your shungite online order is placed and paid for, you will receive a notification and your order number.

Processing time of your order

Usually, it takes us about 1-3 business days to complete and pack your shungite online order. We may need an additional 1-3 business days to process your order if any items are out of stock or your order has many items. Delays in order processing time are extremely rare.

Delivery time shungite online order

We provide our customers with two delivery options for their shungite purchases.

First of all, this is a standard (economy) delivery method via Russian post. Usually the delivery time is about 16-35 days. But due to the difficulties with covid-19 worldwide, this time may be longer. This is most relevant for Australia and New Zealand. The fact is that the number of flights between the countries is very reduced. As a result, this affects the delivery time. Please read the shipping rules.

Secondly, we offer Express UPS delivery option for those customers who wish to receive their shungite online purchases in the shortest possible time. This method is more expensive than the standard one, but much faster and more stable. For example, it’s only about 7-10 days to your door.

In conclusion, we would like to note that by placing an russian shungite online purchases on our website, you get a guarantee of the authentic of Russian stone. In addition, you receive your order directly from us from the Republic of Karelia, Russia, without intermediaries. The only place on earth where there is karelian shungite stone mining is in our region. Sellers from other countries may be deceived in good faith and sell other minerals to their customers and mistakenly believe that this is a real shungite.