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Shungite stones for plants

shungite for plants

Crushed stone from shungite of small fraction gives excellent results for plants and when applied to the soil of all types of vegetable crops, fruit trees and shrubs. At the same time, the yield increases by 1.5-2 times.

How to use shungite for plants

Application of 400-500 gr. crushed stone from shungite of small fraction on 1 m2 of soil provides plants with a complex of mineral elements for nutrition, which are contained in a variety of shungite:
calcium and magnesium-necessary for plants growth trace elements: potassium, phosphorus, vanadium, cobalt, copper, Nickel, zinc, etc., accelerate plant growth.

Seedling and 400 grams of shungite stones.

When planting seedlings, add 200-300 g of crushed shungite for plants to the root area and the root system of the seedling will quickly take root and give many small processes.

Watering and soaking the seeds before planting in the ground with water infused on shungite rubble will accelerate their germination, growth and development.

Just 3-5 kg of crushed shungite for plants is enough for 30-50 liters of water and you have a unique live fertilizer for the entire summer season (shungite contains more than 30 types of active minerals).

shungite chemical composition

Shungite stone effect for plants.

Due to the fact that shungite lowers the acidity of the soil and helps to retain moisture by 2-2. 5 times, the condition of plants in the dry period is more stable and the need for water for irrigation is reduced.

The black color of shungite gravel regulates the thermal regime of the soil: accumulation, long-term preservation and slow return of the sun’s heat absorbed during the day. We recommend using shungite for plants in greenhouses where it can serve as an additional source of carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. And the black color will increase the temperature of the soil as a result of absorption of solar energy. This in turn will lead to higher yields.

shungite for plants water
Shungite stone chips for water

Shungite water for plants.

You will achieve remarkable results when using crushed stone from shungite for growing seedlings and seedlings. Add 10-40% of fine shungite crushed stone to the soil and you will get high-quality seedling material 15-20 days earlier than in normal conditions without shungite. At the same time the soil that contains shungite is loose and protected from various pests. Since shungite has bactericidal properties and many others.

shungite stones for plants and houseplant
Shungite stones for houseplant.

Shungite stones for houseplant

In addition, you can use shungite crushed stone as drainage and at the same time for feeding indoor plants. Also, shungite crushed stone is added to the soil at the rate of 100 g per 1 kg of substrate.

Regular watering with water infused on shungite rubble accelerates the germination, growth and development of plants. Over time, you will see that the plants no longer need such frequent watering. Flowers stop hurting and get a bright spring color.