Shungite water stones

Shungite water stones
Shungite water stones

Shungite water stones is a unique gift of nature. For quite a long time, scientists have been studying such a rock as shungite. The attention of researchers is attracted by its unusual structure and incredibly useful properties. The study of the qualities of the shungite water stones led scientists to the conclusion that this rock can be used in various fields of human activity and solve the main difficulties, including difficulties associated with water purification.

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How this rock appeared and what it consists of?

Shungite water stones has a structure and composition that have no analogues in nature. In addition, the criteria for his education are unique. There is only one place in the world where you can get this stone – this is the Zazhoginskoye deposit in Russia in one of the districts of Karelia. Scientists have not yet been able to find other similar deposits.

Shungite demonstrates a natural composite. Its basis is a non-crystalline silicate matrix, which is filled with crystals of minerals. These minerals belonging to the aluminosilicate series rhythmically replenish the amorphous matrix of this rock. The size of crystals of aluminosilicate minerals does not exceed 1 microns. More than half of the composition of the stone is made up of silicates.

Chemical and physical properties of shungite for water purification

Shungite water stones equally possesses all the qualities that are necessary for an excellent filtering part. Firstly, shungite is an impossibly strong rock that has a high density and mechanical hardness. Secondly, it has an overestimated chemical stability in the presence of even hostile impurities.

In addition, this stone perfectly copes with the destruction of bacteria in the water. The bactericidal qualities of the stone allow it to be used in medicine for many diseases. No other stone has such high efficiency in the treatment of allergic diseases, respiratory diseases, ladies’ diseases, as well as diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. During the treatment, unique pastes were developed, but special infusions on shungite were also prepared, the use of which contributes not only to getting rid of the disease, but also to the prevention of various diseases.

The bactericidal properties of shungite water stones contributed to its intensive use not only for medicinal purposes, but also in those areas where good and constant water purification is necessary. This applies to various organic synthesis processes, catalytic processes, but also to drinking water purification processes.

water purification shungite
Water before and after shungite

The most important property of shungite rock

The most important property of shungite is that the stone is able not only to adequately purify water from impurities of various kinds, such as alcohol, all kinds of foreign compounds, as well as wood inclusions, resins and gases, but also to perform this work at a high level for quite a long time. It is the ability to perform this function for a long time that has made the breed especially necessary in the field of water purification.

Shungite purifies water in another way: all organic parts disintegrate under the influence of this stone and turn into ordinary oxides. Insoluble substances, such as carbonates, it turns into a precipitate in water. As a result, the water is completely purified from harmful impurities. Shungite copes very well with the purification of water from compounds containing refined petroleum products. These shungite water stones processes refined petroleum products no worse than activated carbon, which before the discovery of shungite had no analogues in this area.
When using shungite for water purification, the color of the water is completely neutralized. Also, the introduction of the breed allows you to neutralize harmful microflora in the water.

Shungite as a filter material: what is it and how does it work in water?

Shungite is a rock unique in its composition, structure and formation criteria, which is mined at the only deposit in the world on the territory of the Zaonezhsky Peninsula in the Medvezhyegorsky district of Karelia – Zazhoginsky.

This is an unusual natural composite consisting of an amorphous silicate matrix rhythmically filled with highly dispersed crystalline particles of alumosilicate minerals. The average size of these particles is about 1 micron. The average composition of shungite water stones is 30% carbon and 70% silicates.
Shungite is characterized by high reliability, density, chemical uncompromising and electrical conductivity.

Shungite rocks have excellent sorption, catalytic and bactericidal properties, which are widely used in filters for drinking water, pool water, catalysts. Learn about other shungite stone abilities here.

Where is shungite most effective?

Due to its catalytic properties, shungite is able to purify water for a long time from various types of organic substances: phenols, fatty high-molecular acids, alcohols, substances of the lignocarbon complex, hydrolysates of wood and peat, water-soluble hydrolysis resins, humic substances.

In addition has a many number of micro gates, destroying organic substances to light oxides (CO2, H2O) and precipitating (70-90%) salts insoluble in water (carbonates, oxylates, etc.).
Shungite rocks are not inferior to activated carbon in the ability to purify water from petroleum products.

When filtering through a dense layer of shungite water stones, the color of the water is significantly reduced, the microflora is actually completely removed.
The bactericidal properties of this material are unique. Infusions of shungite water and shungite pastes have a therapeutic effect in the prevention of a significant number of currently common diseases. For example allergic, respiratory, gynecological, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal and others.

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