Elite shungite Lot 2


An extremely large and unusual specimen. This elite shungite big size sample has inclusions of quartz. Quartz is a natural companion of the shungite mineral. The elite shungite specimen has a flat shape. In the photo we show the stone from all sides, turning it around itself.

Dimensions: ~19 x 15 x 6 cm / 7,48″ x 5,91″ x 2,36″; Weight ~1820 gr/4.01 Lb

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What is elite shungite?

Shungite elite is one of the rarest minerals on earth. This mineral contains C60 fullerenes in its chemical composition. It is a 98% carbon of unique form that is found nowhere else in nature. Learn more about it here.

Why is this mineral so rare?

Currently, the mine of this mineral is completely exhausted. This happened in 1980 at the time when the Soviet Union existed. Now there are only crumbs and very small veins. It is extremely rare to find samples of shungite elite of big size. These samples are really of great value because to find such a sample is a great success. Each year the mine eroded by melt water, with the result that at any moment the mine could collapse. In addition, every year it becomes more difficult to find the remains of elite shungite. As a result, this rare mineral may disappear from nature completely in the near future. Currently, this is the only place on earth where this unique mineral was found.

Only authentic samples in our store

Each have presented Elite shungite big size in our store is unique. All these samples has a natural shape and has not been subject to any processing. Each piece had been mined by hand. Please note, some pieces  may contain small veins of rust inclusions. These are natural inclusions of the genuine minerals. The traces of other minerals that have oxidized under the influence of oxygen and water. These rust marks can be removed with a hard brush. Some inclusions go deep into the mineral and are difficult to clean. This mineral is electrically conductive. Shungite elite freely conducts electric current while the resistance force tends to zero.

All of these rare specimens is unique in the world and has no repetitions.
Currently, there are a huge number of fakes of elite shungite. We have been repeatedly told about this by our customers. In addition, in today’s world with modern technology it has become much easier to do. We guarantee our customers the authenticity of every piece of elite shungite. You will receive it from us directly from Karelia from the place of extraction. We are not intermediaries and collect each piece personally. Please note that elite shungite can not be cheaper than in the place where it is extracted.

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Weight4.01 lbs
Dimensions7.48 × 5.91 × 2.36 in