Elite shungite stones 20-30 mm/0.8-1.18 inches, 100 grams/0.22 lbs

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This elite shungite stones crystals have a size of approximately of 20-30 mm/0.8-1.18 inches.  Elite shungite stones is packed in a bag weighing 100 grams/0.22 lbs.

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Elite Shungite for water

You can where to buy elite shungite stones for sale in our shungite online shop of real shungite from Karelia, Russia. This karelian rare stone is a special form of carbon, it is almost entirely composed of it is 98%. Elite shungite it’s the only natural mineral in which natural fullerenes C60 had been found contains. Fullerenes in rare elite shungite stones crystals has a hydrated form.
As a result, that allows them to dissolve in water and saturate such water with fullerenes.

Rare Stone of elite shungite

This rare stone has a smooth surface similar to glass, it has a dark gray color in contrast to the classic Shungite which has a black color and is similar to coal.  Large pieces of this mineral are of great value because they are extremely rare specimens.
Buy stones elite shungite, small size, for water, perhaps a better option than the stones of very large size. We also offer a medium fraction of elite shungite and a very small one, and extra extra very fine grains.

The fact that the pieces of small size have a large area of contact with water. As a result, water saturation is faster. Currently, the only Deposit of this amazing mineral is completely exhausted. Each stone piece is assembled by hand, and the cost of such shungite is calculated for 1 gram.

Above all, there are currently many fakes that are issued as a genuine elite shungite. We are not intermediaries or Resellers. Firstly, we live only two hours away from this Deposit. Secondly we personally extract each piece. We guarantee you that you buy in our store only genuine elite shungite for water.

Please note, that genuine elite shungite may have small rust inclusions, this is natural for it. This rust can be removed with a hard brush and running water.
If you see elite noble shungite with a lot of rust or matte rough surface and does not reflect light, it is a shungite fake or stones of very low quality. You can be sure that you will receive from us only genuine elite noble shungite of the highest quality as in our photos.

Genuine elite shungite stones in USA

You can elite shungite stones for sale directly from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. Our shungite store provides a very wide range of shungite items, but the delivery time from Russia takes some time.
In this regard, we store some of our shungite goods in a transit warehouse in Pennsylvania so that our customers can receive their order as soon as possible. Here you will find the best place to buy elite shungite very fine grains.
The delivery time via USPS and UPS is about 2-7 days in the USA. Our Shungite USA warehouse also delivers to Canada and Europe. The delivery time is about 7-12 days approximately.

  • Real elite shungite was found in the only place on Earth in the Republic of Karelia, Russia.
  • We give guarantees of authenticity and certificates confirming the origin.
  • We provide fast shipping within the US as well as worldwide from our warehouse in the US.

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Elite shungite


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