Elite shungite stones 20-30 mm / 0.8-1.18 inches – 100 grams / 0.22 lbs

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This Russian silver crystal type 1 has a size of approximately of 20-30 mm/0.8-1.18 inches.  Elite Russian stones 98% carbon is packed in a bag weighing 100 grams/0.22 lbs.

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Russian silver crystal type 1

You are in a Russian natural stone store. Here you can find real elite shungite stones for sale. We extract and sell only genuine Russian rocks that are rich in fullerenes and carbon. Russian silver crystal type 1 is a shiny rock that is the leader among all types of shungite rocks in terms of carbon content. The content of a unique form of carbon reaches 98% or more in this type. This is the largest number among all three types.

In addition, Russian silver crystal type 1 it’s the only natural rare mineral which contains natural fullerenes C60. Fullerenes in this Karelian rock has a hydrated form. As a result, that allows them to dissolve in water and saturate such water with fullerenes.

Elite shungite stones for sale: Valuation

This rare Russian silver stone has a smooth surface similar to glass, it has a dark-silver gray color in contrast to the classic Russian stone type 3 which has a black color and is similar to coal. Large pieces of the type 1 silver stone are of great value because they are extremely rare specimens.

Small size

Our store presents large and small samples of elite shungite stones for sale.  For example, silvery Russian mineral of small size are best suited for water mineralization. This is because the small size of the stones allows them to have a large contact area with water. As a result, the mineralization and structuring of water occurs much faster than if you used only one large stone.

Medium size

The medium size of Russian silver crystal type 1 is also well applicable to water. In addition, such samples can be used to make jewelry. For example, pendants. In addition, the average size of the stones of the first type looks very nice and it is more pleasant to hold in your hands than small stones.

Big size elite shungite stones for sale

The largest samples that we have for sale are larger than two palms and weigh up to 4 kilograms. We have such samples in a single quantity in a private collection. But for our clients we offer Russian silver crystal type 1 weighing from 100 grams and more. Such pieces also have impressive sizes from 5 to 15 centimeters. You can get acquainted with all the large silver samples of the first type on this page. These rare specimens will be a wonderful addition to any collection of world minerals.

We also offer for sale extra small elite stones. It has such small dimensions that it looks like sand. But still the silver color indicates belonging to the Russian silver mineral of the first type. You can get acquainted with this fraction on the page – extra very fine grains.

Where do we get this rare Russian crystal from

As the founders of our store, we were lucky enough to be born in the Republic of Karelia. This region is located in the north of Russia. Not far from us, just 90 kilometers away, there is an abandoned small mine. In 1980, during the Soviet era, Russian silver crystal type 1 were mined here. This mine has been completely exhausted, but only small veins scattered randomly at different distances from this mine can give at least some hope.

Indeed, every piece of this Russian mineral is extracted manually. And the production of each large sample is calculated in grams. Therefore, now it is one of the rarest types of minerals on our entire planet. If you want to learn more about this type 1 silver rare crystal, then we have prepared this extensive article in which you will find the most complete information from all the sources presented on the Internet.

Be careful

We receive a lot of letters and messages from our visitors that there are now many offers of elite shungite stones for sale on the online market for in various countries. We are in a hurry to inform you that most of these products are not genuine elite shungite Russian silver crystal. The bulk of these silver-colored rocks is Anthracite from Colombia or black synthetic material Orgonite. Please read our detailed article about fakes to gain basic knowledge and recognize deception.

We are not intermediaries or Resellers. Firstly, we live only two hours away from this Deposit. Secondly we personally extract each piece. We guarantee you that we have in our store only real elite shungite stone for sale. In addition, we received a voluntary certificate of conformity in accordance with Russian legislation, and also received the results of chemical analyses at our Research Institute of Geology in Petrozavodsk. This is the capital of the Republic of Karelia, where this rare rock is mined.

Some features of Russian silver crystal type 1

Please note, that original Russian silver crystal type 1 may have small rust inclusions, this is natural for it. This rust can be removed with a hard brush and running water.
If you see Russian silver crystal type 1 with a lot of rust or matte rough surface and does not reflect light, it is a fake or stones of very low quality. But, you can be sure that you will receive from us only ral silver Russian stone with the highest carbon content 98% and highest quality as in our photos.

Genuine elite shungite stones for sale in USA

Now, we have elite shungite stones for sale directly from our warehouse in Pennsylvania. Our store c60 of Russian stones provides a very wide range of items, but the delivery time from Russia takes a lot of time.
In this regard, we store our Russian stone products and crystals in a transit warehouse in Pennsylvania. So, that our customers can receive their order as soon as possible. The delivery time via USPS and UPS is about 1-3 days in the USA. Our Products located in USA warehouse. Also, we make delivers to Canada and Europe. The delivery time is about 7-12 days approximately.


  • Real Russian silver crystal type 1 is mined only in one place on earth. This small-sized mine is located in the Republic of Karelia, in Russia.
  • All the presented elite shungite stone for sale in our store are authentic and are mined only in Russia.
  • We give guarantees of authenticity and certificates confirming the origin.
  • We provide fast shipping within the US as well as worldwide from our warehouse in the US.
  • Now the market is full of fakes of this rare Russian rock, but you know how to make the right choice.

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