Russian Black Rock as a 5G Protection

5G tower

Welcome to our official website. Our online store c60 has prepared this article as part of an increasingly heated debate around 5G of wireless networks. This essay provides information on 5G network technology, their dangerous and 5G protection.

In this article we have tried to reveal the question of understanding these electromagnetic waves of high frequency and how they affect human health. In addition, in the final part of this article we have tried to give examples of how Russian shungite black stone type 3 can help in protecting against EMF. You can learn more about the rare stone in our article.

5G a new generation of mobile network

The large-scale spread of cellular communication requires an unambiguous sanitary and hygienic assessment. Perhaps the existing regulations that regulate the impact of EMF in Russia and other countries of the world, created by cellular communication systems, do not adequately reflect the essence of the changes. In addition, they are increasingly controversial and contradictory in a number of their provisions.

In the official medical information field, it is believed that the only visible negative effect of exposure to EMF radiation is simply the heating of body tissues. This opinion is based on research by the cancer center Moreover, it is currently claimed that no other side effects allegedly do not exist.

However, a group of electromagnetic field physicists skeptical of the new mobile communication standard. As a result, a special website was created. It’s – Back in 2015, they published a press release, according to which mobile transmitters can increase the risk of cancer, cell stress and have a devastating effect on genes, as well as blunt memory and people’s ability to learn.

Similarly, they published a study last 2018 in which they prove that exposure to radiation produces heart cancer in rats
Thus, at present, the public is increasingly concerned about the situation with electromagnetic radiation. And all the more people fear spread of networks fifth generation.

Humanity realizes that 5G can be dangerous

For example, a New York State Senator James F. Gaughran (5th District) wrote an open letter on July 23, 2019 to The Federal Communications Commission. They asked to study the impact of 5G on human health. He pointed to people’s concerns about the massive and ubiquitous construction of new generation of mobile networks around homes.

After all, high frequency waves can negatively affect the health of the population. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the influence of 5G frequency transmission stations on living organisms. In addition, to research a effective ways to 5G protection.

Why 5G protection can be more difficult?

An essential feature of 5G is that it requires a wide range of frequencies, depending on the application and the surrounding conditions. The higher the frequency range, the higher the data rate it can provide.
However, the ultrahigh frequency signal quickly fades out.

Therefore, the transmission radius does not exceed a couple of hundred meters. In addition, the walls of buildings – an insurmountable barrier to such a signal. So, the higher the frequency, the more transmitters have to be installed.
With low frequencies, the situation is reversed. The signal is more stable and is transmitted over long distances, but speed suffers. That is why for the widespread introduction of 5G networks and their normal operation of a single frequency band is not enough.

What frequency is used for 5G networks

The frequency spectrum for 5G can be divided into three groups, depending on what the networks will be used for:

  • The first group is the range below 2 GHz. The range of the transmitter can reach several kilometers. However, the maximum data rate is not more than 100 Mbit / s. Suitable for covering larger areas, provides a stable signal indoors. Applicable for mass machine-to-machine communication (mMTS), the Internet of things, because they do not generate very large amounts of traffic but requires ultra-reliable connection and low latency.
  • The second group – the middle range, or the so-called C-Band, with a frequency of 2 to 6 GHz. The range from a few hundred meters to 1-2 km, Provides a relatively stable signal indoors and the high-speed data transmission. This range is considered optimal for 5g network coverage of the urban environment. Suitable for the Internet of things and machine-to-machine communication, as well as for user applications that do not require high data rates.
  • The third group – ultrahigh frequencies above 6 GHz. It uses wide frequency bands and provides a large bandwidth. Suitable for services that require high data rates, up to 20 Gbit / s – 3D video, augmented reality, holographic communication, tactile Internet and so on. However, the range of the signal-within the line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver – is not more than 200 meters. In addition, the signal does not pass through walls, and is damped by certain weather conditions, such as rain. That is why the full development of this segment requires a high density of transmitters. based on these data we can assume that the more such sensors will be installed the stronger and more stable will be EMF.

This fact should not be left out and probably requires more modern approaches in the field of 5G protection. Scientific studies in many countries have confirmed the ability of Russian stone to protect against EMF of different nature. Probably in the future, RUssian rock type 3 will be the basis for creating an effective defense against the new problems of modern man.

Frequencies 5G in different countries

Most countries for the development of fifth-generation networks allocate different frequency spectra-both below 6 GHz and above. In 2015, during the world Radiocommunication conference (WRC-15), countries agreed on the allocation of frequencies for 5G in the spectrum up to 6 GHz. The European Union has defined a range of 3.4-3.8 GHz; South Korea-3.4-3.7 GHz; Australia-3.4-3.7 GHz. Distinguished Japan and China: they decided to develop two spectra below 6 GHz. Japan – 3.6-4.2 GHz and 4.4-4.9 GHz. China-3.3-3.6 GHz and 4.8-5 GHz.

In turn, the US in the development of 5G generally apart. The root frequency range of the fifth-generation networks will make ultrahigh frequencies. The US has already held two auctions for 5g band frequencies above 6GHz. Spectrum frequencies of 24 GHz and 28 GHz were sold. Later this year, it is planned to hold auctions for three more bands of ultrahigh frequencies: 37, 39 and 47 GHz. It is also known about auctions for three more bands of ultrahigh frequencies: 37, 39 and 47 GHz.

USA President Donald trump has stated that the US must secure global leadership in the construction of 5G networks. and progress is evident: by the end of 2019, the country will have as many fifth-generation frequency spectra as there are nowhere else in the world.
EMF and 5G protection.

How EMF affects a person

Many scientific studies on point to potential oxidative damage caused by EMF radiation. Above all, oxidative stress is associated with many chronic diseases. They created a call to the UN on July 22, 2019, which was supported by 248 scientists from almost fifty countries. Scientists urgently need to reconsider the essence of the impact that 4G and 5G telecommunication technologies have on people and the environment.

free radical cell attack

How to protected from EMF

At the moment, to reduce the risk of radiation exposure, it is necessary to spend less time near the sources of 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G. Or you need to take breaks during work and move away from them.
In General, the meaning of harm from EMF and 5G radiation is the formation of free radicals in humans and animals. In turn, they are formed in large numbers as a result of exposure to high frequency waves.

Ultimately, free radicals harm the body. However, get rid of them or reduce their number can be with the help of antioxidants.
Therefore, foods that contain antioxidants will be useful. These include, for example: almonds, broccoli, cherries, eggs, kiwi, cabbage, oranges, pumpkin seeds, salmon and others.

shungite antioxidant

Russian black stone as a 5G protection material

At the same time, there is another way to combat the negative effects of radiation in the form of free radicals. This is capable of a molecule of carbon rare round shape-fullerene C60. These Nanoparticles size of 1.6-1.8 nm and can very quickly associate radicals and neutralize their harmful effects.

Also, back in 2005 about this property buckyballs clearly stated Thomas Jefferson of University Hospital scientific research: “Researchers Find Nanoparticle Shows Promise in Reducing Radiation Side Effects”.
A group of American scientists has shown that microscopic molecules of carbon C60 can protection normal tissues from exposure to radiation.

Where do C60 fullerenes come from

buckminsterfullerene building

The fullerene C 60 nanoparticle was discovered accidentally in 1978 by laser irradiation of graphite.
Scientists gave the molecule the name of buckminsterfullerene or the buckyball in honor of the American architect Buckminster Fuller. They did so because of the similarity of the shape of the molecule (because it looks like a football) and the domes of the buildings that were built by this artist.

The buckyball formed on Earth after lightning strikes, as a result of burning natural gas. For industrial use, C 60 was mined by burning graphite rods. It should be noted that the synthesis of fullerene is expensive. Also, these nanoparticle was found in space.

Natural 5G protection

In the natural state, these round nanoparticles are contained only in the natural EMF Protection Russian black stone. A Deposit of ancient mineral exists in the only place in the world in Russia in the Republic of Karelia. In addition, the stone exists in two forms. It is a variety of elite type 1 form, which has a pure carbon content of 98%. As a result, the content of fullerenes C60 is at the maximum level. Also, it is the second variation of the black classic with a content of fullerenes C60 about 30%. This type of shungite has high 5G EMF protective properties.

How the process of neutralization of free radicals can be found in our special article about the unique properties of Russian EMF rock.
Thus, the transition to 5G technology promises the development of the “Internet of things” and a breakthrough in the field of unmanned transport. Whoever makes this transition will be the market leader and will also have access to the data set.

So, our generation will witness this great technology race. And as public dependence on electrical devices increases, it’s important for us to understand the potential risk and find ways to 5G protection ourselves.