Shungite Stands for Spheres

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Small shungite stone stand Suitable for spheres size of ~3-5cm/1.18-1.97″; Medium for ~6-8cm/2.36-3.15″; Large for ~9-10cm/3.54-3.94″; Very large for ~10-15cm/3.94-5.9″. This item ships worldwide from our European warehouse.

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Each Shungite Stands for Spheres is made of a single stone piece. All oval shungite sphere stand stands are unique and can have different weight and shape. You can choose a stand for any size of your shungite sphere. Also you can choose a lightweight version of the stand made of brass.

We make Shungite Stands for Spheres only from real shungite stone. The deposit of this unique mineral is located only in Russia, in the Republic of Karelia. This deposit was called Zazhoginsky, it is located near the village of Tolvuya. We bring shungite stone from this deposit to make our shungite ball stands. We give a guarantee of authenticity for shungite products in our shungite store.

What is shungite stone

Shungite is a very ancient mineral. Scientists have determined that it is over 2 billion years old. This stone was found only in Karelia. At the same time, he surprised with his unique qualities that are not inherent in other minerals. These include the ability of shungite to protect against the effects of EMF radiation. As well as the amazing qualities of shungite, which it exhibits when interacting with water.

Scientists associate the amazing properties of shungite with its composition. After all, it is composed of special amorphous carbon. It is in this carbon that fullerene molecules c60, c70 and other fullerenes can form. These mysterious molecules were found on Earth only in Karelian shungite.

Shungite has the ability to absorb and neutralizehigh frequency electromagnetic waves. This fact is scientifically proven thanks to the research conducted in special scientific laboratories. In the modern world there are many sources of electromagnetic waves of high frequency. The shungite EMF protection in such conditions becomes more actual for the person and also Pets.

Shungite stand shape

We produce oval and square shaped Shungite Stands for Spheres. An oval-shaped stone shungite stand can be more rounded or oval (more elongated). At the same time, a small shungite stand will fit a shungite ball of 3-5 centimeters. In turn, the average stand is suitable for a ball of 6-8 centimeters.

A large shungite stand is suitable for large balls of 9-10 centimeters. We also produce extra large ball stands of 15-20 centimeters.

Please note that we have polished the upper part of the shungite sphere stand, and left the lower part of the bottom unpolished. We also left the ends of the stand with a natural shape. Therefore, you will see at this stand a raw, ragged natural form of shungite stone.

In turn, the square-shaped ball stand has the exact shape of a square. At the same time, a small shungite sphere stand has a base size of 5 cm, an average stand has a size of 7 cm, and a large one has a base of 10 centimeters. The square shungite stand has a polished outer surface, and its bottom is not polished.

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