Shungite Spheres Polished or Unpolished surface


These Shungite spheres made of real Shungite stone and has two types of surface. Polished or Unpolished. Each Shungite sphere has a unique size because it is handmade. The size of Shungite spheres may differ by 3mm/0.12″ in the smaller side and 7mm/0.27″ in the larger side. If you need sphere of exact sizes, please contact us and we will try to find the more accurate sizes.

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The surface type of these Shungite spheres does not affect the ability of Shungite. The polished surface has a rich black color, this surface reflects light. Unpolished surface does not reflect light, it is clearly visible veins of two minerals is Pyrite and Quartzite. The unpolished surface can stain your hands, if you do not like it you can wash such a sphere under running water.

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30mm/1.18", 40mm/1.57", 50mm/1.97", 60mm/2.36", 70mm/2.75", 80mm/3.15", 90mm/3.54", 100mm/3.94", 150mm/5.9", 200mm/7.87"

Type of surface

Polished, Unpolished