Shungite Spheres Polished or Unpolished surface

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Each Shungite ball has a unique size because it is handmade. The size of Shungite spheres may differ by 3mm/0.12″ in the smaller side and 7mm/0.27″ in the larger side. If you need sphere of exact sizes, please contact us and we will try to find the more accurate sizes.

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We present shungite spheres in our online store, which are made from a single piece of real shungite stone. The shungite ball thanks to the shungite stone from which it is made has the ability to absorb and neutralize high frequency electromagnetic waves.

This fact is scientifically proven thanks to the research conducted in special scientific laboratories. In the modern world there are many sources of electromagnetic waves of high frequency. EMF and 5g protection in such conditions becomes more actual for the person and also Pets.

In addition, real shungite stone helps to fight geopathogenic phenomena.

The ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui define the shape of the sphere as a peace, eternity, self-sufficient power over the universe, power and Imperial dignity. In other words, each shape has its own energy.  We also offer square-shaped shungite products, these are cubes.

Shungite sphere combines the amazing properties EMF protection of natural stone and the power of geometric shapes. Please note, that all our Shungite spheres made by hand. Therefore, the size and weight of each product may vary slightly.

Advantages of our shungite sphere.

    1. We make engraved spheres and other products only from natural Karelian Shungite stone from the Zazhoginskoye deposit (Republic of Karelia, Russia). This fact is evidenced by our voluntary shungite certificate.
    2. Please note that our shungite Sphere are: from 30 mm / 1.18 inches to 150 mm / 5.9 inches.
    3. The quality of our black shungite sphere for sale is especially high.
    4. These spheres do not have a stand. However, we also have other spheres with stands.
    5. To summarize, we will be able to make high-quality engraving for any shungite c60 products according to your order.
    6. Our shungite store is originally from Karelia, but we try to get even closer to our customers, so we make fast delivery.

Polished shungite sphere or unpolished

Shungite sphere have two types of surface. Firstly, it’s a polished surface. Secondly, it’s unpolished surface. The polished surface is smooth and reflects light. The unpolished surface is rough to the touch and does not reflect light. This surface looks natural. On there clearly visible inclusion of pyrite and Quartz.

Pyrite has a Golden color. Quartz has a whitish color. These two minerals are an integral part of the authentic Shungite stone. Thirdly, and most importantly, the surface does not affect the ability of shungite to EMF protection.

Please note that the Shungite ball can be mounted on a stand made of 100% Real Shungite Stone also.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Shungite stone




30mm/1.18", 40mm/1.57", 50mm/1.97", 60mm/2.36", 70mm/2.75", 80mm/3.15", 90mm/3.54", 100mm/3.94", 150mm/5.9", 200mm/7.87"

Type of surface

Polished, Unpolished

1 review for Shungite Spheres Polished or Unpolished surface

  1. Allison

    I love this Shungite sphere and stand! The beautifully polished stand has a lovely thread of quartz running through it and I enjoy the matte finish of the unpolished sphere. It sits on my desk next to my electronics and chargers and adds an element of grounding while I work. So grateful for this natural power!

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