Shungite spiritual meaning

spiritual spiritual meaning

Shungite spiritual meaning and Aura

The shungite spiritual meaning, as well as any other mineral or crystal, must be comprehend on your own experience. There are many different doctrine and techniques. Some of them deserve attention and can be listened to. But still, no one but yourself will let you feel the energy inherent in a particular mineral, stone or crystal. The soul of every person is multi-faceted and unique. Different energies are perceived on an individual level.

What is the aura?

Aura or soul is the energy shell of the physical body of a person, inextricably linked with it. There is a very subtle relationship between them: if the body is ill, the aura is destroyed, and if the aura is broken, the body is ill.

Probably, you have already heard that the aura, the soul of a person, depending on the state of his physical health, and even mood, can change colors, deform and even “hurt”?

Every person who picks up a mineral or crystal feels some inexplicable energy. The shungite spiritual meaning, like any other mineral, is special and can be learned by each person in different ways.

State of mind

The state of mind is an indicator of a person’s energy health. A healthy aura is a healthy person. And Vice versa, with a person who seems to be physically healthy, but if the aura is damaged, he may feel weak and exhausted. At this point, the spiritual balance is the most important.

What the aura looks like?

A healthy aura surrounds the human body in the form of an oval, egg-like halo. It protects its wearer from adverse external influences. If its shape is distorted, if it has dents and other defects, it can not be a full-fledged protection for its carrier. Understanding the shungite spiritual meaning, some people may find in this mineral the missing energy for them. Perhaps this type of energy contains only shungite. To understand this, just take shungite in your hands.

The negative energy of the environment

Unfortunately, we live in an environment where we experience adverse effects on our aura from all sides, from the news to the water we drink. The conversation about water is special. If you are interested, please read this article. In it, we talked about the properties and benefits of water infused with shungite.

Shungite spiritual meaning some people’s opinion

This is how one of our readers described his own experience, knowledge and feelings.

At the moment of my first contact with shungite, I was shaken by a powerful energy that suddenly began to spread through my body in certain directions-with concentration in painful places.
After 10-15 minutes of shungite exposure, the pain suddenly began to subside. This suggested that shungite spiritual meaning, in addition to some specific effects on the physical plane that we see, there is also another, more powerful action.
So I discovered that shungite stone has a certain power, which is spoken and written about. I clearly realized the spiritual meaning of shungite and its power the moment I took it in my hands. So I started my own research on the bioenergetic effects of shungite.
I checked how shungite works on the energy plane, how it affects the flow of energy inside the human body, how it affects diseases, fatigue, pain, checked the ability of shungite to balance, align the energy around itself, etc.
As a result of research, I noticed that indirect contact with shungite is enough for a positive effect. For example, it is enough to simply attach a shungite stone or pyramid to the sore spot, even through clothing.
At this point, the pain decreases to such an extent that the disease almost goes away. This probably means that shungite allows the diseased organ to process the negative energy that is present in it into positive energy.

Regular reader of our shungite blog

In addition, I investigated the shungite spiritual meaning for the content of vital energy in it (the unit of measurement is “bovis”) and found out that the amount of this energy in shungite is several times higher than its level in other helpful crystals.

In conclusion, we would like to conclude that the shungite spiritual meaning is that it is not just like a stone or mineral. This is a portal or door to a parallel, subtle world. That parallel world that many people are looking for, doing different meditations in order to get information and knowledge from there. Perhaps, shungite this is the same energy that you are looking for. Above all, with the help of shungite, you will comprehend a new level of meditation. This can help you pass a meditation session, learning your spiritual power more effectively, faster and easier. As a result, you can only relax and enter a different level of consciousness. The shungite spiritual meaning will be revealed to you.

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