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What is elite noble shungite

A scientific name or a marketing ploy?

Elite noble shungite is the marketing name for the rare mineral with an extremely high content of allotropic rare form of carbon. This value ranges around 100%.

Many different online resources and sellers of stones and minerals strive to make their products more visible. In this regard, they often use different variations for the name of their goods. Such enhancements and additions as the Best, elite, noble, etc. have one of the goals to attract the attention of buyers or readers. In fact, elite shungite also has other specific names. For example, Silver elite noble shungite or shungite. It can also occur as shungite of the first type.

elite noble shungite
It looks like the elite noble shungite.

So, what is elite noble shungite?

If we talk about this mineral in the correct scientific language, then this rock has an official name-Shungite. Yes, it’s just one word without any auxiliary embellishments or emotional enhancements. In addition, it is also fair to note that such colorful names, make it easier to navigate the ordinary inhabitants in the varieties of shungite. Agree that it is easier and easier to use the term elite noble than with a carbon content of 98%.

In addition, the prefix-noble has an additional value. Because the percentage of carbon in this mineral is almost three times higher. As a result, the conclusion that this mineral is better suggests itself. However, it is worth noting that both types of this rare stone differ in their abilities. In this case, the prefix noble does not work as well as we would like. The fact that black shungite has sorption properties. For example, the elite noble shungite has no such ability. However, it is more fully saturated with fullerenes. As a result, it most effectively mineralizes water.

Let’s sum up about what is noble noble shungite. It is an extremely rare silver-colored mineral. Because there is only one place on earth where there is a single birth. The osobennost of which is in the high amount content of about 98% of the allotropic form of carbon.

In conclusion, I would like to note that it does not matter what prefix or addition is applied to the scientific name of this mineral. Both types of these rare stone are amazing. Above all, which are no longer in any place on our platene. The main problem in this matter is the authenticity of this mineral.

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