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Shungite Powder

shungite powder
Real Shungite Powder

Shungite powder is a substance of black color from 100% rare stone, which has been crushed to Carine small size. This is obtained by grinding rock Shungite in special equipment.

If you take this dust in your hand and blow on it, you will get a cloud of black dust. This indicates the extremely fine particle size of this dust. However, the final product must not contain any impurities or additives.

It should only be made from 100% genuine stones of this rare rock. Only such products can be called-shungite powder. Other products in which there are impurities or this powder was made from other rocks with the addition of shungite, called shungite-containing Powder. This kind of products are usually sold in packages that are heavy in weight. In addition, the price of this product is even lower than the cost of genuine raw materials from which this shungite dust should be made. Such products will be harmful and useful for health. After all, such production contains extremely small amounts of carbon or it is completely absent. It is this rare chemical element that is the basis of healing power as a natural antioxidant in the form of fullerenes.

How to Test Shungite powder

Determine the authenticity of the powder can only be in special laboratory conditions. It is impossible to make these studies at home, because there is an extremely large number of minerals that in appearance and color are similar to this rare mineral. The situation is complicated by the fact that these similar minerals also have electrical conductivity, as well as Shungite. The most reliable way is not to check shungite powder, but to buy it directly from the place of extraction and production. As we wrote earlier, we are located in Karelia and guarantee the authenticity of our products. In addition, we ensure the high quality and purity of this product.

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Republic of Karelia

Shungite powder fullerenes

Fullerenes are molecular particles that can protect the human body from external negative factors. This is only a small part of the abilities of these particles. As a result of scientific research, it was found that the molecules of fullerene C60 are able to act as a powerful antioxidant. In addition, these unusual molecules in their natural state have only been found in one natural mineral. this mineral is called shungite. Read more about this in our article fullerenes.

Shungite powder fullerenes

Shungite powder benefits

The main advantage of this substance is the fact that it is a carrier of natural and one of the strongest anti-oxidants. The stones of this rare mineral also contain unique carbon and fullerenes, but the powder has the consistency of dust and can be dissolved in water or other liquids. Such solutions can be prepared at home without special equipment, which is also an indisputable shungite powder benefit.

Shungite powder uses

In the modern world, shungite powder is widely used in various spheres of human life. This was made possible by a set of unique properties of this amazing mineral. Shungite powder is used in Spa treatment and rehabilitation of people. It is used to create dietary supplements and feedings in the field of animal husbandry and agronomy. Many scientific studies in these areas confirm the fact that supplements based on this mineral are really effective.

Shungite powder for emf protection.

In addition, shungite powder can be used to protect against emf radiation. Truly, the emf protective properties of shungite have been scientifically proven. Therefore, it is possible to make shungite paint from it, by adding shungite powder to the binder.

Using in animal husbandry

For example, in one of the regions of Karelia, Russia in the village of Berezovka, an experiment was conducted. On the farm for breeding Arctic Foxes included in the diet Supplement based on shungite powder. As a result, the population of Arctic Foxes in the control group increased by 20%. In addition, the well-being and quality of fur of these animals improved significantly.

Using for health improvement of people

shungite cream
Cream made of Shungite Powder

In the Spa treatment in various Sanatoriums for the recovery of people in Russia also apply shungite powder. They make cream out of it. To do this, mix the powder with water until a homogeneous thick consistency. This cream is applied in the lumbar region, as well as inflamed joints. Such compresses increase blood flow in the tissues resulting in inhibition of inflammatory processes. It is also worth noting that such compresses have a positive impact on human skin health.

Can you eat Shungite Powder

In addition, currently in the open sources of the world wide web, information about Shungite in olive oil is increasingly found. In this case, shungite powder is mixed with olive oil and taken orally as a mineral Supplement to food. You can buy this pure product in our online store, click here.

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