Shungite and Soapstone Hemispheres


Two hemispheres of Shungite and soap stone, small size, smooth surface, pleasant to the touch.


These hemispheres harmonizers are made of Shungite and Soapstone and have small size. Take them with you or use them at home. One hemisphere is made of a single piece of Shungite. This mineral has Yin energy. Second hemispheres is made of Soapstone is also called Steatite stone. This mineral has Yang energy. Take the shungite hemispheres in your left hand and the soapstone hemispheres on the right, your hands can be kept in pockets if necessary, for example in a public place. Close your eyes and take a calm, deep breath in and out. Try not to think about anything, feel only these minerals in your hands. 5-10 minutes will be enough to restore the balance of harmony of your body and your spirit.

Additional information

Weight0.09 lbs
Dimensions1.18 × 1.18 × 0.6 in