Shungite and Soapstone Сylinders Harmonizers and Meditation “Rods of Pharaoh”


Two weighty cylinders made of Shungite and Soapstone, for meditation.

Two of type surface: polished (smooth) or unpolished (scabrous).



These shungite and soapstone cylinders are also called: Pharaoh’s Rods. These rods are two types of surface. The first type is polished. The second type is unpolished. The polished surface is very smooth and reflects light. Unpolished surface is rough, does not reflect light. Natural inclusions of pyrite and Quartzite minerals are clearly visible on such surface of Shungite rod. The type of surface does not affect the energy of the shungite harmonizers.

Please note, that the color of the soapstone rods may differ from each other. The color of this mineral can be from almost white with bluish or gray shades to dark blue. This is a feature of this stone. On one of these photos you can see what shades can be a soapstone. Thanks to scientific research, Karelian academic and professional geologist Lipovskaya Yuri, it has been discovered that Shungite has “Yin” energy and is used for the left hand, the soapstone has “Yang” energy and is used for the right hand.

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Polished, Unpolished