Elite Shungite stones 10-13g/0.022-0.029Lb

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The weight of each elite shungite stone is about 10-13g/0.022-0.03Lb. The quantity of stones in the package approximately as in the photo. You get a package weighing at more then 50g/0.11Lb or more then 100g/0.22Lb depending on your choice.

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In our online store various samples of elite noble shungite are presented. Each sample shungite mineral for water has a natural shape and has not been subjected to any processing. We guarantee you the authenticity of each piece of the rare mineral in our store.

Elite noble shungite

Elite noble shungite is one of the rarest minerals on earth. This mineral contains C60 fullerenes in its chemical composition. It is a 98% carbon of unique form that is found nowhere else in nature. Learn more about it here. You can find more different pieces of elite noble shungite in this section of our website.

In addition, elite noble shungite it’s the only natural mineral in which fullerene C60 have been foundcontains. Fullerene in shungite has a hydrated form. As a result, that allows them to dissolve in water and saturate such water with fullerene. This shungite has a smooth surface similar to glass, it has a dark gray color in contrast to the classic Shungite which has a black color and is similar to coal.  Currently, the only Deposit of this amazing mineral is completely exhausted. Each piece is assembled by hand, and the cost of such shungite is calculated for 1 gram. Large pieces of elite noble shungite are of great value because they are extremely rare specimens.

Guarantee of authenticity

Above all, there are currently many fakes which are produced under the guise of this rare mineral. We are not intermediaries or Resellers. Firstly, we live only two hours away from this Deposi. Secondly we personally extract each piece. We guarantee you that you will receive from us only genuine elite shungite. Please note, that genuine elite shungite may have small rust inclusions, this is natural for it. This rust can be removed with a hard brush and running water. If you see this rare mineral with a lot of rust or shungite which has a brown color, it is a fake or shungite of very low quality. You can be sure that you will receive from us only genuine elite noble shungite of the highest quality as in our photos.

Elite Shungite for water

In our online store you can buy genuine elite shungite mineral for water. This rare stone is a special form of carbon, it is almost entirely composed of it is 98%. Elite shungite it’s the only natural mineral in which natural fullerenes C60 had been found contains. Fullerenes in elite shungite has a hydrated form. As a result, that allows them to dissolve in water and saturate such water with fullerenes.

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50g/0.11Lb, 100g/0.22

5 reviews for Elite Shungite stones 10-13g/0.022-0.029Lb

  1. Cherry Lynne Aguilar

    My package arrived in less than four weeks and I was excited to open it and use the crystals for water filtration. I found this seller who seemed very knowledgeable of this product even though there were others I could have bought from. These pieces are beautiful and of good size and great quality. They too care to package the stones well for delivery. Thank you! I’m sure I will peruse your site again for future purchases. 🙂

  2. Trish

    The Elite Shungite is amazing! I am not only fascinated with its ancient history, but also it’s science. This Shungite is authentic and the seller stands by this authenticity. The product was shipped quickly and packaged well, but by no fault of the seller, took longer to arrive once it reached my country. Vladimir was extremely courtesy, responding to my enquiry quickly. I highly recommend Shungite-c60 store and just also recommend remaining patient for its arrival, if delayed, because of outside forces beyond the control of the seller. Many thanks to you Vladimir!

  3. inart Love

    Very happy with everything ! High quality shungite which you can feel with your fingers and great shine to it ! Quick shipping and well packed, thanks !

  4. Garry

    BeauiFUL Color Shine in these thank you! Worth the wait

  5. Damon

    Put it through flashlight test.
    This is Elite Shungite and I will be ordering more from this company.
    It arrived faster than I expected – under 4 weeks
    The only test it didn’t pass was the 100g weight. I weighed each piece with a jewelers scale and the total was just under 99g. I will concede that Shungite can chip off rubbing together during shipment (which I did not check for), which makes me believe they actually weigh the product to be as close to 100g as they can.

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