Shungite Powder 1000g/2,2 Lb

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The c60 powder is made from 100% pure genuine Shungite stones.  The size of the powder is extremely small and similar to dust. Without any foreign additives. Package weight about is 1000 gr/2.2 lbs. Please note that the weight may become slightly less due to powder shrinkage. Its moisture content is about 10%.

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Our online shungite store offer the shungite powder bulk for sale. We understand how important for our customers the quality of the products. In this regard, we use only whole pieces of 100% shungite stones for manufacturing this product. We do not add any additives or impurities in the manufacturing process of the c60 powder.
Our shungite powder is very fine, as a result, it easy to mix with olive oil. Now you can prepare your own product for less money with fullerenes shungite powder.

The shungite paste can be prepared from our natural crushed shungite powder with amazing properties. Mix the powder with a small amount of water. This paste can be applied to certain areas of the skin. This increases blood flow, as a result relieves inflammation and pain in the muscles and joints. In our online store also presents packages with a different weight.

We offer the c60 shungite powder bulk fore sale in a package of your choice. There are packages weighs 45 grams/0.1Lbs, 90 grams/0.2Lbs and 150 grams/0.33Lb also. Depending on the weight of the package with powder made of shungite, the price changes. The greater the weight of the package, the greater the discount on this product.

The price of each package is excluding delivery. You can always see the cost of delivery in your cart before you pay for your order. The cost of delivery of shungite powder bulk is calculated automatically and depends on the total weight of your order.

Shungite powder bulk made is natural 100% shungite stones

In addition, we guarantee you that you will receive from us your order from Karelia without intermediaries from other countries or cities. This significantly reduces your risks not to get a fake. For example a powder made of shungite-containing rocks. Such rocks do not contain the allotropic form of carbon.
Therefore, there are no fullerenes C60. It is fullerenes that are the main component that fills shungite powder with unusual properties.

In addition, the overall chemical composition of other rocks is very different from Shungite. But this factor does not prevent them from being similar in color and consistency to the original powder made from real shungite stones.

In our article about crushed shungite powder, you will learn more about its properties and qualities:

  • Helpful properties
  • Physical properties
  • Chemical composition
  • How to measure the electrical conductivity of shungite powder.

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Weight2.2 lbs
Dimensions5.5 × 4.3 × 3.15 in


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