Best Shungite for Water Purification: Black type 3 vs. Elite Type 1

best shungite for water purification

What is the best shungite for water purification? This question really deserves special attention, because many people do not understand or do not know which stones to choose for water purification.

The fact is that Shungite Rock is divided into three types. This is black stones of type 3, this is gray matte stones of type 2, this is elite silver stones of type 1.

In this article, we will look at the differences between these types and answer the question – what is better. All these three types of Russian rocks can have an impact on water. But this influence is not the same. For more information about types of Russian rocks, read here.

One type of the stones perfectly mineralizes water and saturates water with fullerenes. But it cannot purify water from harmful impurities. On the contrary, another type perfectly cleanses water from harmful impurities but has a weak mineralizing effect. In this article we will tell you about best shungite for water purification.

Russian stones for water

In the realm of alternative wellness, Russian mineral has emerged as a remarkable mineral celebrated for its potential to enhance water quality. This enigmatic carbon-based stone, primarily found in Russia, extracts in different forms and types, each with its unique attributes.

Black stones type 3 vs. Elite silver stones type 1

Black Russian rock for Water: Commonly referred to as Type 3, the black rock is abundant and contains a carbon content of approximately 32%. It is known for its deep black color and ability to purify water by absorbing impurities and contaminants.

Elite stones type 1: also known as Noble or silver, is the rarest and purest form. It boasts a carbon content of over 98% and is characterized by its silver-light luster. Elite stones is prized for its unique ability to mineralize water, enriching it with essential trace elements and fullerenes.

Gray Stones type 2 (Petrovsky): Intermediate type 2 stones have a gray matte color and a carbon content of 60 to 70% approximately. This type of stone is not suitable for mineralization or water purification. In the first case, it is characterized by the presence of a large content of Pyrite in these stones. In the second case, water purification is impossible because the second type does not have sorption properties. Its surface has an insufficiently developed structure for the absorption of harmful impurities.

Type 3 vs. Type 1 stones for Water

Best Shungite for Water Purification: Black stones type 3 is highly effective in purifying water. It removes impurities, heavy metals, and organic contaminants, leaving behind cleaner and healthier water. It is an best choice for purification and infused water for everyday consumption. The fact is that black stones has sorption properties due to its special structure.

Elite stones for Water Mineralization: noble stones of the 1st type do not have the ability to clean water; but it enriches water with essential minerals and fullerenes. This mineralization process not only structured water but also makes it pleasent taste and enhances its potential health benefits. This type of Russian rock does not have sorption properties and cannot absorb harmful impurities and, as a result, purify water.

The Pitfall of Polished stones for Water

Polished black stones type 3, while visually appealing, is not the best choice for water purification. The polishing process can remove or compromise some of absorbent abilities rock and reduce its effectiveness in water treatment. To experience the full benefits of the black stones type 3 for water purification, it is recommended to use raw, unpolished stones.

The Best Shungite for Water Purification

The best Shungite for water purification depends on your specific needs:

  1. For Basic Water Purification: Black raw stones (Type III) is an excellent choice. It effectively removes impurities and contaminants from water, making it safe for consumption.
  2. For Enhanced Mineralization: If you’re looking to enrich your water with essential minerals, Elite stones (Type I) is the superior option. It provides the added benefit of mineralizing your water, improving taste and potential health benefits.

How to Use

Place raw black stones type 3 in a container of tap water. Allow the stones to sit for 48 hours, allowing them to absorb impurities. Drain the water into a separate clean vessel until precipitates. Rinse the stones under running water and fill with new water.

Best Size of shungite stones for water purification

The size of the stones is also of great importance and affects the quality of water purification. The best size of the stones for water purification is about 0.4 to 2 inches. This is about 1 to 5 centimeters. The fact is that the smaller the size of the stones, the larger their area of contact with water. As a result, the quality of cleaning increases and the time spent on cleaning decreases.


Raw Shungite for water of 3 types black color will be the best solution for water purification. But if you want to mineralize your water and saturate the water with c60 fullerenes (one of the strongest natural antioxidants), then silver stones of the first type will be better in this case.

Please note that recently the Colombian anthracite has been gaining great popularity. But this silvery mineral from Colombia is a fake and does not have the abilities of a real authentic Russian stone from Karelia. Read about it in our special review about a fake from Colombia. Find out in this article how to identify a fake anthracite coal and what is the difference between a anthracite from Colombia and a Russian authentic stone.