Shungite bath

shungite bath

Shungite bath with water infused with black raw c60 stones perfectly relieve fatigue, increase performance, energize, improve blood circulation and skin condition. Such baths are very good at removing layers of foreign energy, the so-called “evil eye”.

Shungite bath with water infused with rubble stones, soothe; relieve stress, fatigue, strengthen the body. In addition it normalize sleep. Just from the first bath, small cracks and wounds are tightened. After that a few such procedures, more serious problems are solved: postoperative sutures are scarred, the skin is exfoliated, eczema and fungal infections disappear, and your skin becomes charmingly smooth and velvety. In turn, this is due to the black stone disinfecting properties.

After a busy day, sports, heavy physical and mental loads, in the postoperative period. As well as when an allergic rash appears, such baths are simply necessary. A person gets a charge of vivacity and energy, a feeling of lightness appears, and energy channels are cleared. Since healing stone from Russia endows water with special medicinal properties, it is used for treatment even in a sanatorium.

shungite bath
shungite bath

How to prepare a shungite bath?

You need to take a bath set from shungite crushed stones (this is 400 g of shungite crushed stone of a smaller fraction) and place the rock in a cotton bag or cloth.

Before the first use shungite bath, the rubble stones should be lightly rinsed with running water from black dust.
Then we lower it into a bath with hot water or put a bag with shugitovym rubble on the tap and pass through the stone jet of the most hot water.

After the water cools down to a comfortable temperature for you, take a bath for 15-30 minutes, no more.
Shungite bath with water infused with stone rubble can be taken 2-3 times a week, but no later than an hour before bedtime.

Which stones to choose and how long to use?

Use shungite stone for bath you can be repeatedly, depending on the frequency of use it is enough for 6-9 months.

And the smaller the fraction of black crushed stone (up to 5-6 mm), the better it gives its useful properties to the water.

In conclusion, we would like to note that all the information about shungite bath provided is not an official instruction for use. All information is provided for informational purposes only and is based on the experience of other people.