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Shungite experience

shungite experience

In this voluminous article, we have tried to collect some scientific research and medical shungite experience that was obtained as a result of controlled research in medical institutions in Karelia, Russia, Petrozavodsk. In other words, the shungite experience that was obtained in the Region of the shungite Deposit is presented below. These studies were mainly applies shungite paste as well as the shungite infusion stones in water.

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Shungite healing stone

shungite healing stone in water
Shungite stones polished surface in water

There are a great number of ferruginous springs in Russia, but the healing properties of the marcial waters of Karelia are much stronger. Is it not because the healing water passes through this strange black shungite healing stone?

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How to Use Shungite

the use of shungite and powder

In order to most accurately and fully answer the question – how to use shungite, it is necessary to understand that this unique mineral is endowed with a wide range of useful and unusual abilities. Each of these properties has its own recommendations for use. Moreover, many of these properties of shungite have been tested on the experience of Karelian and Russian medical institutions. In this article we will talk about the most common methods of using shungite. For example, human health and protection from high frequency electromagnetic waves.

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