Elite shungite Lot 19


An extremely rare very large piece of genuine elite shungite. This sample contains inclusions of quartzite and ferruginous inclusion of shungite. Please note, this sample has multiple rust inclusions. The inclusion of rust is a natural phenomenon elite noble shungite.

Dimensions: ~18x12x12cm/7.08″x4.7×4.7″; Weight ~1958g./4.317Lb

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Each have presented sample of Elite Shungite mineral is unique. All these samples has a natural shape and has not been subject to any processing. Each piece of the elite Shungite had been mined by hand. Please note, some pieces of elite shungite may contain small veins of rust inclusions, these are natural inclusions of genuine elite shungite. All of these rare specimens is unique in the world and has no repetitions.

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Weight4.31 lbs
Dimensions7.08 × 4.7 × 4.7 in