Shungite amulet “Valknut”


The diameter of the shungite amulet Valknut is ~ 35 mm/1,38”.
The thickness of the pendant is ~ 4-6 mm /0,16-0,24”
Each amulets has a Polished on both sides and edges.


Engraved on a shungite pendant, the Valknut sign is a recognizable symbol of Scandinavian mythology. Three Interlocked Triangles is also found in German paganism.
The main purpose of the amulet Valknut symbol can be interpreted as the key to nine worlds, which can make it possible to control the transitions between them.
According to Scandinavian beliefs, a person lives in the horizontal world of Midgard. Modern human life, weighed down by stresses, does not make it possible to gain lightness of spirit and soar to the upper vertical world of the gods Asgadra. The human spirit, under the weight of problems, can also fall before visiting the lower world, but this is not something bad because this world is part of a harmonious system of nine worlds and its visit is the key to solving important issues. It is necessary to face the troubles, defeat the darkness, and like Odin triumphantly ascend to the upper world of Gods.
A person who wears a shungite pendant Valknut will receive a unique ability to understand being and will be able to open the borders of all nine worlds.

Additional information

Weight0.024 lbs
Dimensions1.38 × 1.38 × 0.20 in