Shungite pendant Tree of Life Celtic small size

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The Celtic Tree of Life necklace with engraving is made by hand.

Dimensions: ~ 35 mm/1.37 “; Thickness: ~ 3-4mm / 0.12-0.16”.


We from Karelia (Russia) make hand-made shungite pendant Tree of Life with engraving from real shungite rock at our karelian manufactory. This black mineral has proven EMF protective properties and the ability to relieve geopathic stress and other amazing properties.
All of our engraved pendants and amulets are cut only by hand from a single piece of certified black russian stone from the Zazhoginskoye deposit (Republic of Karelia, Russia). These are not factory-stamped forms. In this regard, each shungite pendant Tree of Life Celtic has a unique size and weight and desing.

Our shungite store is originally from Karelia, but we try to get even closer to our customers, so we make fast delivery.

Natural inclusions of pyrite and quartz

Please note that the black mineral contains minerals such as quartz and pyrite. These are natural satellites that entered the karelian mineral during its formation. Mineral quartz is white or transparent in color. In turn, pyrite is yellow and yellowish to orange in color.
The most interesting thing is that on the surface of shungite pendant Tree of Life Celtic these mineral inclusions can have the form of stripes, or various points. And in this regard, an inexperienced outside observer may perceive these stripes as scratches. But this is absolutely not the case. After all, these are just whitish, transparent or yellow inclusions of quartz and pyrite minerals. Don’t be afraid of them.

Profound Celtic Tree Symbol in the shungite Pendant Tree

The pendant Celtic tree holds an unparalleled significance among the Celts, representing a potent source of spiritual energy and cultural reverence. This timeless symbol embodies a deep-rooted connection to nature and the wisdom of ancient Celtic traditions, making it a cherished emblem of strength and resilience.

The Power of the Celtic Tree Symbol Among the Celts

The Celts revered the tree as a symbol of endurance and interconnectedness, viewing it as a bridge between the earthly and divine realms. The pendant Celtic tree symbolizes the perpetual cycle of life, embodying the virtues of wisdom, growth, and the inherent vitality of the natural world.

Embracing the Energies of the Celtic Tree Symbol

Incorporating the pendant Celtic tree into your life allows you to tap into its powerful energies, fostering a sense of harmony and spiritual alignment. This revered symbol serves as a constant reminder of the enduring resilience of nature and the cyclical nature of existence, encouraging wearers to embrace personal growth and inner strength.

How to wear a shungite pendant Tree of Life

This natural pendant can be worn on clothes of any color and style. However, before you put it on, make sure there is no trace of black coal dust on it. Therefore, if necessary, rinse this accessory thoroughly under running water. And then carefully, without much effort, remove excess moisture with a napkin.Do not rub too hard to avoid rubbing off the top polished layer.

Please note that the polishing surface on this shungite pendant Tree of Life Сeltic is not paint. And over time, the shiny pendant will become dull as a result of wearing a natural stone accessory. This is a normal phenomenon, because this is a natural product, not a fake.

Various engraving options with personalized drawing for stone goods

  • At the same time, we have stickers for your phone with the image of this desing Tree. In addition, we have other jewelry with the Celtic symbol of the “Celtic knot“. We also offer you a pendant with the symbolism of the Celtic Tree in a larger size.
  • If you would like to have your personal drawing on this shungite pendant Tree of Life, please contact us.
  • Our store comes from Karelia and we also mine genuine elite mineral of 1 type, which you can choose for your collection.
  • More pendants and other products from real karelian stone are presented in our online magazine.

Additional information

Weight0.03 lbs
Dimensions1.38 × 1.38 × 0.12 in





Shungite stone

Select pendant size

35 mm/1.37''


Tree of Life Celtic

Options for engraving the drawing



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  1. Emma Martinez

    The tree of life is my favorite symbol and amulet. I am glad that I was able to find this store and this amazing stone.
    Thank you

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