Shungite for mobile phone

Shungite mobile phone

Shungite mobile phone is presented in the form of stickers of various shapes and sizes in our main catalog. Authentic shungite sticker is used as a protection against EMF, the source of which is a mobile phone.

Shungite for mobile phone: How it’s made


Shungite for mobile phones is used as protective plates. This product is in the form of a round or rectangular shape on one side of which there is an adhesive base. The main material for these products is natural black stone from Russia.

Black stone from Russia

EMF protection stone this is a black mineral of 3 type. The Deposit of this rare stone is located in the North-West of Russia on the border with Finland. This region is called the Republic of Karelia. It was in this region that the world’s only EMF protection rock Deposit was discovered. Above all, the main chemical element of the Russian EMF protection stone is an allotropic form of carbon that is not found anywhere else in nature.

Carbon in the stone

The black stone carbon content of more than 30% makes the rock from Karelia real. All other rocks from other regions or countries with a carbon content of less than 30% are called Shungisite or have a radically different name. Shungite for mobile phone, as well as many other products are made from genuine Karelian natural black stone type 3. All these products are mainly aimed at protecting against EMF.

Russian stone: Main Ability

The main feature of authentic Russian type 3 stone is the ability to shield or absorb high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Abbreviated name of EMF.

shungite mobile phone made of natural stone
Russian black raw stones in Nature

Mobile phone as a source of EMF

One of the main sources of such negative EMF waves is the mobile phone. Many people know or guess about the harm to human health of high-frequency electromagnetic waves. Mobile phone is the main satellite of modern man in the modern world.

Manufacturers of mobile phones and other high-tech devices assure us that these products do not harm people. Indeed, a mobile phone has an extremely low electromagnetic radiation, but it can still have a negative effect if it is in contact with a person for a long time. That is why it is necessary to use additional protection from negative factors and use natural remedies and devices such as shungite for mobile phones.

How can I reduce the negative impact of a mobile phone?

As we already know, authentic Russian black stone has the ability to absorb EMF. This fact is scientifically proven and is beyond doubt. Our small factory makes plates made from original shungite mobile phone sticker. We use the proven effective properties of Russian stone to enable other people to use these benefits and protect themselves.

Shungite for mobile phone in rectangular shape plate

shungite mobile phone plate
Shungite for mobile phone: Rectangular sticker

We produce two geometric shapes of sticker plates. For example, shungite for mobile phone round shape and rectangular shape. But, geometric shape does not affect the efficiency lugnut for protection from EMF. This is only a personal preference of each person.

In other words, everyone likes what they like. Each stone EMF protection sticker is cut from a monolithic piece of Karelian authentic black stone type 3. This is not a pressed mold made of a mixture of dust or epoxy resin (Orgonite) like other sellers from other countries or regions of Russia. Indeed, the market is full of fakes due to the fact that this is an extremely rare mineral and in other countries, genuine Karelian black stone is not available.

How to use shungite for mobile phone?

First of all, decide on the place where your plate should be located. For example, it can be the back cover of your mobile phone or a mobile phone case. There is no fundamental difference. The main thing is that this surface is dry and clean. Wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth and then wipe the surface with a dry cloth to make it dry.

Thereafter, take your shungite for mobile phone – sticker in your hand and find a protective film on one of the sides. Then carefully remove the protective film from the adhesive base. Be careful not to remove the adhesive base along with the protective layer.

Next, attach the plate with an adhesive base to the place where the stone plate-sticker should be located. Also, press the plate with your finger for a short time. Done! Your shungite for mobile phone sticker is securely attached to the surface of your cell phone or any other surface you choose.

Shungite mobile phone round stickers
Russian stone c60 engraved round stickers have an adhesive layer for mobile phone

Attention! You will not be able to effectively glue your sticker-plate to a different location after you have torn it from its original location. The fact is that adhesive base of the plate will be damaged, as a result of its adhesive ability will be lost.

In conclusion, we would like to note that our online store offers variations of geometric shapes and sizes of shungite for mobile phones. Go to this section to select a stone sticker for your cell phone. In addition, we produce such plates with engraved drawings on the front surface.

As a result, your shungite for mobile phone will look individual and original. Above all, please remember that only authentic Russian black stone has the ability to protect against EMF, unlike other minerals from other regions or countries.

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