Shungite meditation pendant Ashtanga Yantra

The shungite meditation pendant with engraving Ashtanga Yantra is made by hand.

Dimensions: ~ 35mm/1.37 ” or 45 mm/1.77 “; Thickness: ~ 3-4mm / 0.12-0.16 “

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We from Karelia (Russia) make hand-made shungite meditation pendant from real and very rare shungite stone at our little factory. This black mineral has proven EMF protective properties and the ability to relieve geopathic stress. This shungite yoga pendant and necklace with personalized drawing is made from a single piece of natural stone raw stone.

These are not factory-stamped forms or orgonite type epoxy resin. In this regard, each shungite yoga pendant has a unique size and weight and unique properties.

Natural inclusions of pyrite and quartz in engraved shungite yoga pendants

Please note that the black mineral contains minerals such as quartz and pyrite. These are natural satellites that entered the russian black mineral during its formation. Mineral quartz is white or transparent in color. In turn, pyrite is yellow and yellowish to orange in color.

The most interesting thing is that on the surface of black shungite meditation pendant these mineral inclusions can have the form of stripes, or various points. And in this regard, an inexperienced outside observer may perceive these stripes as scratches. But this is absolutely not the case. After all, these are just whitish, transparent or yellow inclusions of quartz and pyrite minerals. Don’t be afraid of them.

Yoga and shungite meditation pendant

Ashtanga yoga – a very complex and dynamic type of yoga – was developed by Pattabhi Jois and in translation from Sanskrit means “yoga of the eight steps.” This is a very dynamic and precise practice. It is based on the synchronization of breathing with the sequential performance of asanas.

Ashtanga Yoga is a powerful dynamic style with the following characteristics:

  • A special type of breathing called ujayi, or sound breathing.
  • Drishti – concentration of gaze at certain points of the body and space.
  • Vinyasa – dynamic links between asanas (hence the name of the technique familiar to our ears – ashtanga-vinyasa yoga); Bandhas are muscle “locks” (sometimes they are called “energetic”).
  • A strictly defined series of sequences are asanas.
  • Moreover, each movement is accompanied by inhalation or exhalation, the sequence of which is also determined.

When performing movements in Ashtanga Yoga, shungite meditation pendant for meditation will help you, as this ancient mineral is very high in energy.

Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga includes body movements, breathing exercises and visualizations. It is convenient to visualize with mandalas on the Shungite meditation pendant Ashtanga Yantra.
Different types of movements and postures are associated with different aspects of breathing and are used in order to control the life energy-prana.

Since a person’s physical and mental well-being depends primarily on the state of his energy, through the practice of yantra yoga, you can maintain your health and keep your mind relaxed.

The main advantage of Yantra yoga is the sequence of certain movements. This type of yoga is characterized by dynamism, which cannot be said about other types of yoga, in which a special place is given to static.

According to the Tibetans, nothing can revive the energy in the human body like special movements. And in order to feel the whole essence of the movements, you need to do these exercises. If you wear the Shungite meditation pendant while practicing yoga, the powerful energy of this ancient stone will help you synchronize your energy with the energy of the Earth.

The Black shungite meditation pendant

Due to the fact that russian black stone contains particles of quartz, white marks may appear on the pendants after engraving.
Therefore, we make a careful selection of black pendants, which are best suited for engraving. For this reason, the engraving takes about 1-2 pendants out of 10 ordinary ones.
In this case, small thin stripes of quartz may still remain in the drawings. But this is almost not noticeable, since we have a very high quality selection of engraved stone amulets.

Thus, we make great efforts to find high-quality black stone. This is a very rare karelian rock. At the same time, it is the black stone that behaves extremely capriciously in production. It does not cut well and often gives out chips. As a result, we receive a very limited amount of shungite meditation pendants for engraving.

Also, pay attention to how to wear the shungite meditation pendant correctly. Pre-rinse it under running water if you notice traces of black dust on the pendant. After this, wipe it with a paper napkin and do not use unnecessary force so as not to rub off the polished surface. Don’t worry, after cleaning this way it won’t stain you.

Please note that the pendant has a polished surface, but this is not paint. In addition, due to its naturalness, a genuine pendant will become matte over time, because we only make authentic pendants, not fakes.

More pendants and other products for meditation, example Harmonizers from raw stone are presented in our store.

Additional information

Weight0.03 lbs
Dimensions1.37 × 1.37 × 1.37 in
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35 mm/1.37'', 45 mm/1.77''

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