Shungite Round Plate Engraved Various

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The size of shungite round plate ~50 mm/1.97″. The pattern of the shungite olate is applied by engraving. If you would like to have your personal drawing on this plate, please contact us.


This shungite round plate is made from a single piece of natural stone. All of our pendants and plates are cut only by hand from a single piece of shungite. These are not factory-stamped forms. In this regard, each shungite disk has a unique size and weight. In addition, each plate has an individual pattern on the surface in the form of veins of Quartz and pyrite. These veins, like human fingerprints, do not have repetitions.

This makes each shungite disk unique and unique in the world. The drawing on the surface of the disk is engraved. This drawing has a texture and a certain depth. In this regard, this pattern is durable and will not be erased over time, even if you constantly carry your round shungite plate in your pocket.

Also in this section of the site we make shungite plates with engraving of different patterns and sizes. More pendants and other products from real shungite stone are presented in our store.

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Weight0.048 lbs
Dimensions1.97 × 1.97 × 0.16 in
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Flower of Life, Pentagram, Private drawing, Yin Yang, Flower Of Life at sunrise

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  1. Tisha Ashley

    The seller was responsive and friendly after my first order disappeared in the mail. The second round disk came in three days, and I am grateful that I now have this excellent protection against electromagnetic interference. The 5-star shipping review refers to the second shipment and because the first was not the fault of the seller.

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